This Apple project will delight customers, not props

This Apple project will delight customers, not props


This Apple project will delight customers, not props

Apple has patented a highly resistant smartphone body thanks to a combination of several materials. It is enough to render protective shells obsolete.


Future iPhones may be nearly indestructible.

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The days can be numbered for iPhone protection cases. Apple, the famous smartphone manufacturer, has been granted a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office that could render it useless. It aims to increase the ruggedness of its future devices thanks to a more robust body for shocks and scratches. The invention relates to a nearly indestructible structure made of “spacecraft”. recently unveiled by Apple new programs And material In WWDC, it refers to the merging of several materials, such as metal, ceramics, and plastics, and the idea is to combine their different properties and advantages.

An illustration of the iPhone’s tougher body.

Patent from Apple / US

“Phones, watches and tablets can come into contact with various surfaces resulting in marks or corrosion in the surface of the device. The materials of such devices may have different combinations of properties related to strength, appearance, corrosion resistance, electromagnetic shielding, etc. Patented. Apple’s trademark states that the metal resists scratches, but “may interfere with radio signals entering or emitting from the device.” This is not the case with ceramic, which resists scratches but is fragile on the other hand. As for plastic, steel, and allowing the passage of radio waves, it is sensitive to scratches. The new structure will consist of “beads” of different materials spaced at microscopic intervals (10 to 100 microns, or 0.01 to 0.1 millimeter). It remains to be seen if this patent will be implemented in future iPhones.

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