GPS test between Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, and Garmin

GPS test between Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, and Garmin

With dual frequency GPS Apple Watch Ultra It is supposed to produce more accurate position fixes. This is important in different situations, such as when out in nature or just for jogging outings. during our Ultra . testwe were able to confirm the contribution of this improvement.

blogger Compare DC Rainmaker 4 Hours, including Ultra and Series 8, according to the same resolution standard. All but the S8 have this dual frequency system. Its combination included the Garmin Expix and the Forerunner 955.

His journey consisted of a course in New York, starting at the tip of Manhattan, up through sidewalks – and thus in full outdoor view – passing under airways, then plunging into the city among the skyscrapers.. the sky. There are many situations that can affect the GPS reception involved. Sometimes he would exchange watches on his wrists.

On arrival, in Time Square – spoiler – the four hours didn’t perform too badly over the course of the entire course. The author highlights the progress made over the years in this geolocation ability. For most of the ride, the watches — the Series 8 included — stayed roughly in line with the ride. There was no succession of gross errors, such as the path often taking an adjacent street.

In some places some watches including the Ultra can sink into a building, but at its entrance, the derivation was not so dramatic and was quickly corrected.

Two cases where Ultra got off the road and sped off to buildings along the way

Only at the end, in Times Square, where Ultra He lost the ball and produced a design that frankly sank into a building and veered dramatically from its competitors.

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