The video game Unrecord looks so real that it is accused of fraud: its creator is defending himself

Explanatory video for the future game unregistered It was around the web: it impresses with its photorealism. Faced with accusations of forgery (a video that would, in fact, be real), the co-author responded with proof. This is not the first time that an environment under Unreal Engine 5 has raised this controversy.

A robot that looks like us is said to cause a psychological phenomenon: the disturbing valley, a particularly disturbing feeling. Will we also feel the same for video games? A video was released a few days ago, in April 2023, and it’s particularly disturbing: it shows an FPS (first-person video game) whose graphics are so realistic that they can hardly be distinguished from a real shot.

Worthy unregisteredThis game is developed by a French studio: DRAMA. This display is purely visual at this point. It cannot be played by the public, even in preview form, and no release has been announced.

But such a realistic picture, without anyone having been able to play the video game yet, and see it with their own eyes, raised a lot of questions. For many, on social networks, it will just be fake. This accusation is not surprising, as the graphic quality is surprising. Barely two days after the uproar, studio founder and programmer Alexander Spindler denied it.

Unrecord is developed using Unreal Engine 5

For those who thought Unrecord was a fake or a video, sorry Spindler tweeted. in a tweet Dated April 21, 2023. And to reinforce his point, there is a video in which we see the famous game inside the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine software. The Abandoned Building tab is open, and all functions related to the development of such a sequence. It also traverses the map very quickly through multiple rooms, traversing, indicating that this is indeed a virtual environment.

The result does not contradict the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5. We should not forget that the first demos of this engine, in 2022, have already surprised everyone. reproduction from a metro station Under Unreal Engine 5 was already so disturbed by realism, that many again wondered. But this was a static environment: an environmentunregistered Even more amazing, because it’s “in progress”, so the number of supported operands is greater.

To permanently silence the critics, perhaps it would have been better if the drama featured a series of environment design, moving objects or slightly modifying textures. Or by offering several very different gaming sessions. But this video still brings an extra element in favor of the default video. For this studio to be fake, it would have to go to great lengths, perhaps more than just building the virtual environment. This is while the drama presents itself on its website as a real project, with a team and game in development to defend.

unregistered She also hasSteam page. On this page there are a few more screenshots where the default side seems to be shown more clearly. Even on the video itself, observing the environment allows us to see some seemingly frozen elements and reminds us that they still look unreal.

Other games currently in development under Unreal Engine 5 are also quite impressive in their videos or gameplay videos:

The next Tomb Raider, of which we do not have a picture, was announced under Unreal Engine 5. It will therefore be necessary to get used to the photorealistic image of a whole part of the future of video games.

participation in Numerama on Google News So don’t miss any information!

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