The Universe and Us: a wonderful conference in Banyoles-sur-Mer

The Universe and Us: a wonderful conference in Banyoles-sur-Mer

Wednesday, February 7, the Friends of the Arago Laboratory organized a conference on the theme “The Universe and Us: Discoveries and Questions.” The guest speaker was Sylvie Vauclair, astrophysicist and member of the Academy of Sciences. Unfortunately, after an accident, she was unable to travel and had to intervene via video from her home.


In a one-hour conference on the enormous subject that is the universe, the researcher states in the introduction that it is clear that choices must be made. His choice is to communicate what we can observe and understand with the means available to astrophysics today. Because, as she pointed out,It's a huge paradox: the more we learn about the universe, the more we realize its immensity and complexity. We humans, who have inhabited the Earth for a very short time on a cosmic scale, but who possess extraordinary mind and consciousness, study this universe which is everything that exists around us, from the closest to the farthest. “.

An intimate connection with the universe

The speaker then continued by explaining that we are an integral part of this universe, because we came from it. The elements from which we were created, the nuclei of the atoms that make up our bodies, were formed in the universe, in the stars. Some hydrogen and helium immediately after the Big Bang, but all the rest is in stars that existed before the Earth and Sun formed. So we are truly children of the universe.

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The trip suggested by Sylvie Vauclair was wonderful and amazing. She discussed the latest discoveries in astrophysics, which are revolutionizing our view of the universe and our place in it. It also raised many profound, thought-provoking questions about our place in the cosmic immensity.

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