Seeing the eclipse: Find out if the sky will be clear on April 8

Seeing the eclipse: Find out if the sky will be clear on April 8

If the majority of Quebecers are already prepared to observe the solar eclipse scheduled to occur on Monday, the weather remains a variable that must be taken into account to see if the astronomical phenomenon can be properly examined.

Good news for those who have been waiting to find out whether clouds or a snowstorm will get in the way of observing the solar eclipse: the good weather will be on the side of Quebecers.

In fact, the weather forecast for today indicates there will be an 80 to 95 per cent chance of generally clear skies, according to Jean-Philippe Béguin, a meteorologist with Environment Canada.

“It seems very good to observe the eclipse on Monday,” he said in an interview with QMI.

Most Quebecers will be able to enjoy the partial solar eclipse, but only Montrealers, Sherbrooke residents, and residents of Lac-Mégantic and Cap-au-Mule will have the opportunity to view the total eclipse.

The eclipse is scheduled to last from 2:14 p.m. to 4:36 p.m., and will last for approximately two minutes around 3:26 p.m.

Whatever happens, you shouldn't forget to have approved goggles on before turning your gaze skyward, Mr. Begin insisted.

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