The third edition of Salvatore's Thanksgiving Day will be held on February 27

The third edition of Salvatore's Thanksgiving Day will be held on February 27

The third edition of Salvatore's Thanksgiving Day will be held on February 27. Salvatore's Pizza is revamping this unique campaign that highlights the family business's commitment to its community and fellow diners.

On this special day, 100% of pizza sales will be redistributed. The five brothers and sisters who head Salvatore's Pizzeria are revamping this generous campaign to offer half of the pizza sales made that day as a salary bonus to all team members at the restaurant. The other half of sales will be converted into free pizza and donated to local charities and community groups in the 80 communities across eastern Canada where the restaurants are located.

This day of thanks aims to tangibly acknowledge the great work our team members have done over the previous year, while offering free large pizzas to these 80 community organizations for their upcoming events. Elizabeth Abatillo, co-owner of the family business with her brothers and sister, expresses her gratitude: “Last year, just like the first edition, was a huge success, and we are happy to expand our support this year to more community organizations to help them organize the diverse meals! For us, the third generation who bought the family business in 2018, it is always natural to follow the example of our grandparents and parents. This tradition will undoubtedly continue, the fourth generation is very many indeed,” adds Elisabeth with a wide smile.

It is important to emphasize that all pizza sales made that day will be redistributed, thus going beyond a simple token contribution. This approach aims to highlight the exceptional work done by Salvatore's Pizza teams and their commitment to their communities by forging authentic connections.

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“Each participating restaurant manager was free to choose a local organization close to his heart, for which this pizza donation would have a significant impact in his community,” confirms Elizabeth Abbattello, Vice President of Communications and Outreach at Salvatore’s Pizza.

Third generation family business

The Quebec company, founded by Salvatore Abbattello, established its first restaurant in Saint-Georges-de-Basse in 1964. The second generation made it a network of 13 restaurants, and the third generation bought all the restaurants from their father in 2018. For the five siblings, taking over the family business was a Completely natural. “We grew up watching our parents and grandparents devote themselves to the family business. Since our early teens, we have worked in restaurants and held every position. “We have always had a vision for growth, fully aware of the operational challenges by putting our feet on the ground and concretely,” recalls Elizabeth Abatillo. , Vice President of Communications and Outreach at Salvatore's Pizza.

About Salvatore Pizza

Founded in 1964 by Mr. Salvatore Abbattello, Pizza Salvatore is known as Quebec's #1 pizza and poutine delivery company. It is a pizzeria network that includes the most restaurants operating in the greater Quebec area. The group currently operates 81 branches. The group currently operates 81 branches including 5 restaurants in New Brunswick, one in Nova Scotia and one in Ontario.

Pizza Salvatore specializes in serving pizza and poutine. Salvatore's Pizza's primary goal is to provide the best pizza and poutine available, delivered super fast! The chain is known for its mozzarella-stuffed crust pizza and its delicious dishes made with today's fresh cheese.

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Salvatore's pizza in numbers:
100% Quebec family company
There are 81 operating pizzerias spread across 4 Canadian provinces
2800 team members | Facebook: @PizzaSalvatore | Instagram: @Pizza_Salvatore | TikTok: @PizzaSalvatore | LinkedIn: Salvatore Pizza | Twitter: Salvatore Pizza

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