The TASCA project reveals the unique characteristics of traditional Portuguese gastronomy

The TASCA project reveals the unique characteristics of traditional Portuguese gastronomy

The new digital platform helps identify the best places to discover the traditional culture and flavors of Portugal for consumers in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States.

AHRESP (Associação de Hotelaria e Restauração de Portugal – Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Portugal) today launched its new digital platform TASCA ( which aims to introduce the unique characteristics and flavors of traditional Portuguese gastronomy, as well as the places where they can be tasted. The TASCA project is currently targeting consumers in the Spanish, French, UK, German and US markets, with an extensive digital awareness campaign, integrated with the Goûter le Portugal / Prove Portugal initiative, co-financed by COMPETE 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Union, through the European Development Fund Regional (ERDF), which also promotes Portuguese gastronomy all over the world.

For the Secretary General of AHRESP Ana Jacinto, Portuguese gastronomy has gained international recognition, with an increasing number of awards received by catering establishments. The initiative we are launching today takes advantage of this appreciation and complements it with what constitutes the national spirit, the unique flavors that characterize our gastronomy, bringing the Portuguese restaurant experience to the most sophisticated of the world’s markets. We hope in this way to contribute to increasing the appetite for the experience of national gastronomy, by expanding the profile of traditional visitors to our country to this dimension..

TASCA – Authentic Portuguese Restaurants

The geographical diversity of Portugal has always favored a rich variety of gastronomic cultures linked to the characteristics of each of the regions. In this sense, the concept of the TASCA platform is also based on the traditional, artisanal and authentic flavors of the country. But the concept of TASCA is also based on the culture, the way of being, the welcome and the friendliness that characterizes the Portuguese. Visiting TASCA is a unique experience that allows you to live in Portugal, learn about Portuguese restaurants around the world, and the country’s gastronomic ambassadors. TASCA also wants to bring new visitors to Portugal, attracted by the peculiarities of Portuguese gastronomy and culture.

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Thanks for the site www.tascaportuguesa.ptUsers can find the nearest Tasca. In addition to the list of participating restaurants, the digital platform offers a number of typical recipes developed by Chef Vitor Sobral. cod in Brass ” in “ Aruz dosi (rice pudding), from oven-roasted baby to octopus and shrimp dumplings, all the traditional recipes testify to the diversity of Portuguese gastronomy and aim to arouse interest in visiting Portugal, in an alliance between gastronomy, history, geography, natural wealth and cultural heritage.

AHRESP (Confederation of Hotels and Restaurants of Portugal) was founded in 1896. It is the largest Portuguese business association, representing more than 50 areas of activity in the restaurant and hospitality sectors. Development and Economy of Portuguese Society: Tourism.

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