The serum allows the plants to illuminate under a black light

The serum allows the plants to illuminate under a black light

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from his diary plant domestication » At the end of her studies, Sophie Humbert wrote a bright idea: illuminating plants under black light. For this reason, she has developed a serum inspired by the bioluminescence of nature, like fireflies for example, which the plant absorbs to reveal the natural veins of the petals and leaves in reaction to UV rays. A biodegradable, bio-sourced serum.” Designed eco-friendly, without genetic modification and harmless to plants or the environment Founder defines Startup Aglaé.

The principle of phosphorescence makes it possible to illuminate the plant for several hours after exposure to light. It currently works with cut flowers and rooted or established green plants and adapts to all climates. Injections should be renewed approximately every three or four months. If Aglaé is currently targeting the development and events sectors, its innovations can provide greener light sources, in particular to combat Light pollution in cities. A pilot trial is also underway Chartres Metropolis.

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