The role of Rudi Garcia: Cristiano Ronaldo coaching, what does that mean?

The role of Rudi Garcia: Cristiano Ronaldo coaching, what does that mean?

He has already trained some beautiful names. From Lille to Lyon passing through Marseille and Rome, Rudi Garcia has built a beautiful ‘fishing table’. Between Mohamed Salah, Dimitri Payet or even Eden Hazard, Memphis Depay, Miralem Pjanic and especially Francesco Totti, the 58-year-old French technician has already managed some famous players. This time, however, his stay on the bench at Al-Nassr presents him with a somewhat unexpected gift: coaching Cristiano Ronaldo. It is necessarily a separate experience.

We’re talking about a five-time Ballon d’Or and a five-time Champions League winner. From an exceptional 37-year-old as one of the greatest soccer players of all time. His presence under his orders is necessarily private. It’s an opportunity. Untold story. But then, what would a CR7 boss be like? Those who were under their control retain an unforgettable memory. For various reasons.

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Cristiano Ronaldo during his presentation at Al-Nassr January 3, 2023

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A true example of what a professional should be

The first thing that stands out when you look at the statements of the previous Portuguese coaches is, of course, his management and professionalism. The workaholic, serial scorer from Funchal impresses with his sense of detail and love of effort. “I’ve been training him for two years and there have been no problems. In fact, he solved it for me. Cristiano trains well, pays attention to every detail, everything was easy to control for me. He is an exceptional player“, in a Corriere dello Sport Last December, Carlo Ancelotti, who coached him from 2013 to 2015 at Real Madrid.

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The same story with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who coached him at Manchester United. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still playing at 40, if at all, because of the way he takes care of himself. He put every ounce of energy and effort into becoming the player he was and still is, so he deserves every little compliment he gets for his physical condition.appreciated the previous Super Sub in 2021. “I coached Cristiano at Real Madrid, he was one of the best professionals. He is a true example of what a professional should be like.”Also completed in 2021, Rafael Benitez, who has not always maintained perfect relations with CR7.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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With Cristiano, you had to be clear and precise

If the years pass and he is no longer the same player he was a few seasons ago, then Rudi Garcia should find Ronaldo with the same state of mind in victory. We do not change such a mindset, even if retirement is approaching. But if his professionalism has been praised for years and also explains his phenomenal longevity at the highest level, then having the Portuguese under him is no easy feat either. You have to take the time to explain everything to him. “With Cristiano, you had to be clear and precise. He wanted to know why he was doing an exercise specifically, That may be explained to RMC David Bettoni, Zinedine Zidane’s loyal aide. I have a story. When we played against Bayern, I told him not to focus only on Neuer but on the strategic areas in goal. He asked me why I told him that“.

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But if he is to show his pedagogy through his new protégé, Rudy Garcia will have above all to manage his star character. This is not a scoop: the CR7 is clearly not a player like the others. It must be taken into account as a whole. “Coaching Cristiano Ronaldo is not easy, in all respects. He is a multinational, he has personal interests that must match football. His interests go beyond normal life, beyond the team or the club. I am a coach, not the technical director “Maurizio Sarri, who hosted at Juventus, he explained to SportItalia. It is not surprising, then, that the Portuguese require special attention. And you don’t appreciate it when you don’t.

Several times throughout his long career, Cristiano Ronaldo has had moments of tension with his coaches. It started in 2008 at Manchester United. Since then, he has had several rather difficult episodes with his coaches during his years at Real Madrid (eg Mourinho or Benitez), more recently at Manchester United and during the last World Cup with Portugal.. Because he does not like to be interrogated. or criticize. “I only had one problem with it, very minor, very basic. When a coach criticizes a player from a tactical point of view, he is trying to improve what, in my opinion, could have been improved. And at that point, he didn’t take it well because he probably thinks he knows it all and the coach can’t help him develop anymoreJose Mourinho explained in 2013 to The Daily Telegraph.

Take care of your susceptibility

The slightest substitution can then cause a problem. This obviously increased with its decline. His few months under Erik ten Hag at the Red Devils summed up the difficult transition from regular starter to aging player. “When he’s in shape, he’s a good player and he can help us come back and achieve the goals we have – that’s quite obvious. But it wasn’t. I love working with world class players. I know they can make a difference and help you achieve your goals. That’s why you want to have such players in your dressing room, but I have to make decisions about underperforming players and pick the best team.Dutch coach fired at times in December.

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In Saudi Arabia, Rudy Garcia shouldn’t have that kind of worry. The record holder for the number of goals scored in the selection as in the Champions League will be the star of the workforce. And the decline noted in Manchester or in selection, as collegiate squads could turn out better without him, should be less of a concern when it comes to picking the starting XI for victory.

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