“It's just getting started.”

“It's just getting started.”

The SupraCell series was revealed on June 27, 2024 on Netflix, and quickly became a favorite among subscribers, so much so that it took the first place in the platform's top ten list. After six action-packed episodes, is a second season possible? The director says more about the upcoming episodes.

after Umbrella Academy And How to raise a superheroNetflix is ​​expanding its catalog of sci-fi series! The streaming platform was unveiled on June 27 SupercellIt is a six-episode series directed by Rapman (American Son, Blue Story).

Starring Tosin Cole, Nadine Mills, and Eric Kofi Abreva, among others, the fantasy follows five people who will develop superpowers in an unexpected way. They don't know each other, have little or nothing in common, but without knowing it, they share the same fate. After a trip to the future, Michael Lassaki will face the difficult task of bringing them together and convincing them to join forces to save the woman he loves.

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Suprasil Wins first place in Netflix's top

It is clear that Supercell It caught the attention of Netflix subscribers, where the series found itself within just a few days No. 1 of the most watched series at the moment in France. Thus, she is deposed from the throne Coke clan And season 3 of Bridgerton Chroniclesrespectively, to second and third places in the standings.

The referendum which is also reflected in the reactions…

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