The Obama girls' dog will be a Portuguese Water Dog or Labradoodle

The Obama girls' dog will be a Portuguese Water Dog or Labradoodle

President-elect Barack Obama revealed that the dog he promised his daughters as a reward for their patience during the election campaign would be either a Portuguese water dog or a Labradoodle, in an interview with ABC that aired on Sunday.

The president-elect, who will move to the White House, said: “It seems they decided to choose between a Portuguese water dog and a Labradoodle. We will start seeing in shelters if one of these dogs shows up.” Home with his wife Michelle and daughters Sasha, 7, and Malia, 10, on January 20.

The search for the new president's four-legged companion is generating huge excitement in the United States, with everyone offering their own suggestion, especially since Malia is allergic to dog hair.

The president admitted that the search for the presidential dog was more difficult than he had imagined. “We're on our way there,” Obama joked, referring to his nominee who let him down at the wrong time. “But it was more difficult than finding a commerce secretary.”

The Labradoodle, a cross between a Labrador and a poodle, could be a good fit, as this cross originated in Australia in the 1970s as a guide for blind people with allergies, according to the British Kennel Club website.

It is a dog that has a reputation for being sociable, loyal, and devoid of any aggression.

The Portuguese Water Dog, which comes in three colors (black, brown or white) as well as two types of hair (wavy or curly), is not only an excellent hunting dog but also a therapy dog ​​for sick children. Or older people, according to the website of the Club du Barbet, Lagouteau and Other Water Dogs.

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