The next major Moment 3 update is expected in May 2023

Moment 3, one of the future Windows 11 updates, should bring a lot of new features to the operating system next spring. We now have an edit window for this version.

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Microsoft released Its first “instant” update last October. This had marked the spirits by bringing Notable new features like the new tabbed file explorerOr improvements to the taskbar, or even a new Photos app.

The second update The company’s “Moment” software for Windows 11 should arrive in March next yearBut now we know more about the third version. In fact, according to leaker WalkingCat, Microsoft is preparing a “Moment 3” update for Windows 11 operating systemor something like that Dubbed Continuing Innovations, it’s due for release in May 2023.

What will Moment 3 update bring to Windows 11?

“Continuous innovation,” the assumed name for the Moment 3 update, is a term Microsoft uses to refer to it The process of continually making small feature updates for Windows 11 as needed, Apart from the big feature updates.

Microsoft has abandoned the strategy of releasing two major Windows updates per year. Instead, the software maker chose to release several small feature updates throughout the year. So, these “moments” are often simple one-time additions of new features, but if we are to believe the leaker, The third edition can be very important.

However, as of now, there is no official confirmation from Microsoft And there is no final list of new features that “Moment 3” might bring.. We don’t even know what features the “Moment 2” update should bring from the beginning of next year. However, Microsoft has already added some features to the Dev channel, including the New, more massive search button on the taskbaror The OneDrive app has been completely revamped. We will of course keep you posted once we know more about this update.

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