The best surfing movies of all time: the 20 best

The best surfing movies of all time: the 20 best

Red Bull TV brings you a selection of the best surfing movies available on demand! Here are our top 20 – action and excitement guaranteed!

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1 hour 35 minutes

For the sake of dreaming

Former professional surfer Ben Graffy began his dream of becoming the first person to surf in all 50 US states.

Former professional surfer and enthusiast Ben Graffy is pursuing his dream of becoming the first person to surf in all 50 states, with the support of the Nub Nation and his loved ones.

43 minutes

sea ​​Wolf

Award-winning director Ben Gulliver follows seven surfers on a two-year journey across distant, frigid waters.

In this travel diary, award-winning director Ben Gulliver accompanies seven surfers on a two-year journey to discover isolated, icy waves.

28 minutes

Skimboard Nazare

Brazilian world champion Lucas Fink rides the legendary wave from Nazare, Portugal.

Brazilian Lucas Fink conquered the surfing world by winning the World Skateboarding Championships. Then he challenged himself to ride the legendary Portuguese surf of Nazaré on a surfboard. Skimboard Nazaré follows him on this brave and epic quest.

33 minutes


Prepare for a journey into the heart of the world’s biggest waves with Justin Dupont in À la Folie.

Embark on the journey of your life! Justine Dupont takes you on this big revolutionary wave season! In 2020, Justine has signed an impressive performance, at a level that is rarely achieved in big waves. At À La Folie, experience the ups and downs of her adventure with her, from her brutal sweeps to her crazy drums.

43 minutes


Travel with surfing superstar Kanoa Igarashi to get the insider on the World Championship Tour.

Beyond the Lines gives us a glimpse into the career of one of surfing’s most promising young talents, Kanō Igarashi, as he seeks his first WSL title. The documentary filmed friend, travel companion and photographer Tanner Carney, a rookie riding some of the best waves in the world: Hawaii, Australia, Japan, Mexico and the United States.

For the first time in ten years, South African surfer Jordie Smith will stay home for the winter. Together with freestyle surfing legend Micky February, he sets out in search of the best waves in South Africa. Shaping Jordy chronicles their extraordinary journey through the Rainbow Nation.

1 hour 17 minutes


Matthew Krepel shifts his focus to the ocean and encounters one of the biggest waves in the world – Jaws.

Mateo Krepel may have left the world of professional snowboarding, but he is still looking for adventure and has chosen to take on one of the toughest challenges of his life: surfing the biggest waves in Hawaii. Jaws.

1 hour 18 minutes

OUTDEH: Jamaica’s way to the future

Three young Jamaicans discuss their fates in OUTDEH, to watch in its entirety for free on Red Bull TV.

OUTDEH is an impressive show for Jamaican youth. It is a cinematic portrait of a new generation in complete transformation, determined to free itself from outdated societal and cultural structures. This young man paints a fresh Jamaican perspective with their way of thinking and unwavering energy. Three young Jamaicans tell their story. Rapper Bickersties dreams of an international career, Shama wants to become the country’s first professional surfer and Romar takes us through life in his community.

58 minutes

The other side of fear

In the documentary The Other Side of Fear dedicated to him by Red Bull, great surfer Mark Matthews tells us about his passion but also the fear that constantly accompanies him.

Throughout his career, great surfer Mark Matthews seems to have taken every opportunity to confront his greatest fear. However, in Red Bull TV’s new documentary The Other Side of Fear, he makes it clear that the reality is not that simple in practice.

Now a speaker and speaker, he is in great demand and knows how to help companies inspire their employees and give them confidence in their abilities. It has already been invited by companies like Google, Sony and MasterCard. With the flip side of fear, he’s thrilled to be able to bring his experience to a wider audience.

Armed with his camera, director Peter Hamblin follows legendary surfer Carissa Moore through the 2019 World Surfing Championships season. With RISS. You will experience all the ups and downs of this adventure up close.

1 hour 43 minutes

and two if by sea

Watch the iconic story of sibling rivalry between professional surfers and identical twins CJ and Damien Hobgood.

CJ and Damien Hobgood are identical twins whose sibling rivalry and pursuit of individual identity has led to careers. After more than ten years on the professional level, this documentary takes a subtle behind-the-scenes look at the lives of Florida’s most famous surfing twins.

43 minutes

Coldwater Magazine

Follow surfer and filmmaker Ben Weiland as he explores the world’s shores for ten years.

Take surfer and filmmaker Ben Weiland on his eternal voyage to some of the world’s most remote, glacial, but also beautiful coastlines.

1 hour 22 minutes


Discover the origins of fishboards and meet some of the pioneers who changed surfing culture forever.

Invented 30 years ago, fishboards revolutionized surfing culture. Discover the story of innovative surfboards built for speed, and hear pioneers Steve Lis and Skip Frye tell you how they transformed surfing with their signature boards.

40 minutes

Under the arctic sky

A group of surfers and photographer Chris Burkard set out to find the perfect wave in Iceland.

Famed film director Chris Burkard accompanies a group of surfers in search of perfect waves in northern Iceland. Why this trip? To face the waves of the most violent storm the island has known in the last 25 years. Really cool movie.

2 minutes

south to Xian

Surfers Harrison Roach and Zye Norris prove that true adventure is still possible in the 21st century on a motorbike or on a boat.

38 minutes

Generations: The Movie

Join generations of professional surfers as they deliver an ode to the good old days while looking to the future.

Follow several generations of professional surfers on a journey around the world through the past, present and future of surfing. This movie is simple yet charming: it makes you want to drop everything and go surfing!

1 hour

The missing model

Featuring Waterman Kai Lenny

Paradigm Lost is a stunning portrait of one of the world’s most skilled surfers, Kai Linney. Whether it’s windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand-up paddleboarding or riding big waves, Kai Lenny is like a fish in water. Convince yourself!

23 minutes

Chasing the Shot – Leroy Belt

Follow photographer Leroy Bellet on his quest to photograph some of the world’s best keg riders.

Take photographer Leroy Bellet on an extraordinary mission: to capture the best surfer hits around the world. To do this, he braves the most dangerous waves in the most famous corners of the planet. Chasing the Shot reveals some of the most amazing images ever shot. The result: a cinematic rendering of the battle between risk and success.

50 minutes

Let’s be honest

Who is the enigmatic Frank Solomon? Modest big waves? Or a real bad boy? Watch the Let’s Be Frank documentary on Frank Solomon for free on Red Bull TV.

Who is behind the famous name Frank Solomon? Humble, caring, and thoughtful Big Waves? Or a hardened rebel? Man and myth are undoubtedly inseparable. Let’s Be Frank is one of the most whimsical and exciting surf movies ever made. Find out for yourself!


Strange grumble at Shangri-La

Strange grumble at Shangri-La

Joe G is a bit like surfing Wes Anderson, and Strange Rumblings is arguably the best movie of his career. From the icy beaches of Iceland to the warm shores of Mozambique, from the iconic corners of Europe to the exotic islands of Brazil, and from the far reaches of Indonesia and beyond, this modern surf film offers you an unforgettable safari to discover the waves of the whole world.

29 minutes

one hit

image and position

Accompany the craziest surf photographer on the planet in his quest to get the perfect shot that will mark all of his work. A dedicated passion for the most twisted waves, that’s what defines One Shot!

26 minutes

Explore Madagascar

Slide Prestwich, Frank Solomon and Grant “Twiggy” Baker embark on an epic surfing adventure in Madagascar.

Surfers Slade Prestwich, Frank Solomon and Grant “Twiggy” Baker set out for Madagascar on an epic adventure. There, they trampled virgin lands in search of fresh waves to surf on. Their saga also leads them to the joy of meeting the people of Madagascar. The perfect combination for an amazing surfing trip!

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