Ronaldo breaks records and touches the sky

Ronaldo breaks records and touches the sky

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Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo scored three goals against Tottenham on Saturday 12 March in a match calculated for the 28th day of the English Premier League, bringing his tally to 807 achievements, all official competitions combined.

In fact, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner, the 37-year-old, has won this trick – the thousandth of his career – the record held by the Czechoslovakian, Josef Pekan, to hold another record and still be in the sky.

The “International Federation of Football History and Statistics” (IFFHS) awarded Austrian-born Joseph Bikan, who played on the green rectangle from 1931 to 1955, the title of top scorer, until the Portuguese prodigy broke the mentioned record and settled on the roof of the football world.

Indeed, Pecan, who died in Prague in December 2001, maintained his position as the best defender in history for 67 years, until El Don Cristiano, who scored 804 goals on the eve of the confrontation with Tottenham, scored no goal. A hat-trick, including a first goal with great beauty, as a result of a powerful shot from 25 meters and settled in the upper corner of French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

“CR 7”, one of the most famous nicknames attributed to Ronaldo, thus confirms his supremacy that has continued in the football arena for nearly two decades, since his association with Manchester United from the Portuguese club Sporting.

Indeed, Ronaldo was recruited by the Red Devils at the end of a match that opposed his former team against the Manconianas, which witnessed the brilliance of this exceptional player brightly, but especially witnessed the “Sir” Alex Ferguson, the symbolic coach of the English club. , he fell under the spell of the Portuguese’s charm, in particular, his speed, jerks and acceleration as well as his dribbling that made opponents dizzy.

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Some also believe that Cristiano Ronaldo is not a talented footballer. Instead, it’s a machine programmed to score goals, break and break records, or directly score.

Ronaldo or “Commandant” (a nickname given to him by former FIFA President Sepp Blatter from Switzerland) has remained true to form or nearly throughout his career and honored a reputation that some felt was tarnished after his departure from Real Madrid 4 seasons ago, after 9 years with “Merengue”. “.
An athlete with a dream body, despite his relatively advanced age, for a striker who always develops at the top level, fast and fast, fiery and resolute, Ronaldo has not been overcome by the weight of the years and his will to win remains the same, similar to that of the first young man.

Recall that at the age of 33, during the FIFA World Cup in Russia 2018, Ronaldo “blinked” at a speed of 34 km / h, and therefore remained faithful to the nickname attributed to him by his colleagues since his childhood when they called him “Abelhinha”, a Portuguese term meaning “little bee” .

Note that 807 goals are divided between 692 achievements for the club (Sporting, Manchester United, Juventus Turin and Real Madrid) and 115 goals in the Portuguese selection.

As for the controversy surrounding the holder of the record for the most goals, Cristiano Ronaldo, with his last treble, put an end to the controversy by overtaking the course of Czechoslovakia Pekan, who scored 805 goals.

This honorary title awarded to CR7 certainly does not appeal to the fans of King Pele, who scored 1283 goals, while many sources attribute to him only 767 goals, those scored in official matches.
Indeed, the triple world champion (1958, 1962, 1970) scored only 767 goals, according to several sources, in official mathematics, while Cristiano Ronaldo scored all his 807 goals in official matches.
Another “auriverde” believes that he has crossed the 1000 goal mark. This is the former member of FC Barcelona and Botafogo, in the early nineties, a dwarf Romario.
However, the surface fox and the outside technician who was Romario accounted for the goals he scored in the youth categories (beginners and juniors), while the Madeira kid scored all his 807 goals in the adult category (professionals).
By adopting this criterion, Romario scored only 772 goals, according to many conciliators.
At the age of 37, Ronaldo once again confirmed his extraordinary status as a strong player with a strong character, an opportunistic goalscorer and an accomplished athlete. Bem Vito (Bravo in Portuguese) the captain.

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