The Google Pixel 8 should finally get a longer tracker for Android updates

The Google Pixel 8 should finally get a longer tracker for Android updates

A new rumor circulated about the upcoming Google Pixel 8 phone. Google devices may have more major Android updates, even outpacing a major competitor.

Android 14 is getting closer and some smart phones Google will not be able to take advantage of it. However, the company, which is the origin of the operating system, is not yet offering long-term monitoring with major system updates for its smartphones. This can change with pixels 8.

Google is lagging behind

Keeping track of Android versions on smartphones is always a difficult question. Most manufacturers only offer three or two years of major updates, with an additional year or two generally for security updates. Thus providing little oversight to the operating system can lead to a premature change of the smartphone in order to continue to benefit from software improvements. However, Google, the parent of Android, only offers three years of updates and five years of security updates.

Samsung, for its part, has been providing major updates to its smartphones for the past four years. A policy that was put in place last year Galaxy S21and S22, Z Flip 3, and Z Fold 3, which has clearly extended to the newer models. And let’s not talk about Apple, the champion in all categories, which, for its part, continues to support smartphones that are much older. For example, the iPhone XS, which was released in 2018, should benefit from iOS 17. 9to5Google It also shows that iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 devices, as of 2015, continue to receive security updates on iOS 15, bringing their follow-up to eight years.

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About five years of follow-up?

9to5Google seems to know that the Mountain View giant will be revising its version. Starting with the Pixel 8, the company would like to provide more years of follow-up with major updates. The niche site talks about five years of follow-up. If this information is proven, Google will outperform its competitor Samsung and provide the longest follow-up period on Android devices. This should make for another notable improvement to add to the list of potential improvements over the already long Pixel 8s.

The reason for this change will come from a better mastery of the Tensor chip design that has accompanied Pixels since the Model 6. The Tensor G3, which will accompany the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro (and next year’s 8a) should allow for better control over both hardware and software. Even if the SoC remains a modified version of Samsung’s Exynos, Google may eventually be able to produce its own chip and thus control 100% of the software’s tracking time, something that wasn’t possible with the Snapdragons on board the first generations of Pixels.

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