The first two episodes will be broadcast on Thursday 24 November 2022 on M6 (Video)

The first two episodes will be broadcast on Thursday 24 November 2022 on M6 (Video)

Thursday, November 24, 2022 at 9:10 pm M6 will invite you to discover the first two episodes of “The Man of Our Lives”, a 4-episode mini-series with Jonathan Zakic, Odile Vuillemin, Flor Bonaventura, Helena Nogueira and Elodie Freyje.

The story in short…

Aviation pilot, surgeon, in the MSF field, ex-trader, senior correspondent …

For each letter of his profession, he knew how to make change. He endorses all characters with their full nature. It deceives the most knowledgeable practitioners in their field. This is all his art. The art of persuasion and above all the art of pleasing. And an extraordinary ability to absorb a lot of knowledge, to make it your own, to become someone else’s. He’s a genius. A genius who gives him the feeling of being fully present. make it his livelihood. This gift is used to manipulate everyone especially women who are emptying their savings. Physically, he’s a pretty sweet boy but he’s a secret copy. Nothing outstanding.

Therefore, he was…everything a man could ever dream of in his life would be… charming, attentive, and caring, before he vanished. How many fell into the trap? and l Camille, Mathilde, Orienne, Iris, The “victims” of this serial lover, the consequences are dire: broken families, depression, bankruptcy … but above all they love him and recover as badly from his abandonment as from the tangible consequences for their lives.

However, they will adapt. They will seek each other, find each other and unite to hold it together. But it will be a razor-edge quest, both about being heard by justice but also about moral growth.

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They will have to overcome their prejudices, shatter their certainties. They will betray themselves, make mistakes to the point of endangering their lives, and this dangerous predator continues to manipulate them.

episode 1

Orianaa nurse unlucky in love so far, gets married on the Côte d’Azur with her Amauria French-speaking Canadian and Doctors Without Borders surgeon.

Camillewho has set aside his private life to run his late parents’ hotel with his sister, has been living a passion for a few months now with a regular client, Nathan, a former merchant of Portuguese descent. The latter only disappeared during his last stay after he emptied the hotel accounts.

In Paris, Matildadedicated to her business and her daughter AgathaHe allows himself to be adventurous with a novela wonderful reporter.

Episode 2

Camille He continues his investigation on his ex-wife, NathanAnd left with the hotel’s cash register.

In Paris, a novel impromptu meeting Agathadaughter Matilda. deranged, Oriana He makes a medical error and signs up with her best friend, typical. Agathe shares her doubts a novel but Matilda Don’t listen to him.

irisa singer in the middle of a divorce, meets Ghislaineairline pilot.

AmauriStunned in the face of aggressivenessOrianaShe was trained on the advice of her stepfather.

a novel keeps a surprise to Matilda : a romantic escape to Reunion.

The final two episodes will be broadcast on M6 on Thursday 1st December 2022.

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