Increasing the number of cases and visits to the emergency room

Increasing the number of cases and visits to the emergency room
ARS press release:

From March 21 to April 3, 137 cases of dengue were recorded in 18 municipalities. The south has the largest proportion of cases (54%), followed by the West (30%).

During these two weeks, the number of cases and visits to the emergency room is increasing. However, the level is still much lower than in previous years for the same period (2,410 cases from March 29 to April 11, 2021).

At this point, the situation still corresponds to the period of the epidemic. Vector control services and local authorities remain on full alert to combat the spread of the epidemic, while the Fire and Rescue Service is beefed up.

The daily participation of everyone in the implementation of preventive measures is essential to limit the spread of the virus: remove anything that may contain water in the house, protect themselves from mosquitoes (mosquito repellents, bed nets) and consult a doctor as soon as the first symptoms appear.

Dengue status as of April 13, 2022
(Public health data France Reunion, ARS)

Since January 1, 2022

745 confirmed cases

6 hospital admissions

64 emergency visits

During the period in question, the cases of dengue fever were:

Saint-Pierre, Saint-Louis, Saint-Joseph, Le Tampon, Petit-Île, Entre-Deux, Saint-Philippe, Les Avirons

  • West (30.7% of cases):

Saint Paul, Saint Leo, La Possession, the port
Saint-Denis, Saint Mary
Saint Benoit, Saint Suzanne, Saint Andre, and Bras Bannon

In addition, groups have been identified in the following areas:

  • Saint Joseph: Guava

Recommendations to protect yourself from mosquito bites and dengue fever

  • protect yourself, including for the seven days after the onset of symptoms to protect those around you (mosquito repellents, mosquito nets, etc.);
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Continue to protect yourself, even if you have already had dengue fever before; Many serotypes of dengue can be spread and infection with one serotype does not protect against attack by another.

  • Getting rid of and emptying standing water, which can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes:

Everything that can contain water in the house and around your house …

  • Consult a doctor when the first symptoms appear: fever, headache, muscle/joint aches, nausea, vomiting … and take the sample in the medical laboratory prescribed by your doctor to confirm the diagnosis of dengue fever.

  • If you are sick with dengue fever:
  • Continue to protect yourself from mosquito bites to avoid transmitting the disease to those around you and to monitor your health condition, especially between the fourth and eighth day of illness,
  • Consult your doctor or emergency service if your health condition deteriorates.

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