Ascent – New Game + mode is available on Xbox on August 18th

As we learned last week, the highly anticipated arrival of the first story DLC from BoardingToday, we find out that the latter will be accompanied by the new + game.

This mode has already been available on PlayStation and PC for several months, and this mode was not yet available on Xbox.

However, it has been specified that if you convert your original save to NG + save, and end the game with it, you will no longer be able to convert it to NG + new save. So it is advised to keep the original without NG+ and transfer it to another location, as many times as you wish.

Improvements and bug fixes will follow on Xbox as well as PlayStation and PC. Neon Giant also took the opportunity to return, in complete transparency, to the question of a possible physical release:

[…] Due to technical issues we unfortunately had to cancel as we could not arrive in time for the outing. No physical release is currently planned for Xbox.

The new game + and DLC “Cyber ​​Heist” will be available on August 18th. In the meantime, you can still enjoy Boarding Through Game Pass.

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