The city says it is ready for snow removal operations

The city says it is ready for snow removal operations

City says it’s ready for snow removal operations – TVA Gatineau

Elizabeth Dobie | December 1, 2023

City of Gatineau snow removal crews say they are prepared for the winter season. The city held its technical briefing Friday morning. In particular, the new snow removal policy was discussed.

It should be noted that the snow removal policy has not been updated since 2006. According to the Director of Road Improvement and Operations, it is no longer appropriate for the reality of snow plows.

One major change concerns response times. Instead of having just one plan for less than 25cm or more than 25cm and more of rainfall, this will now be split into three situations.

For less than 15 cm of rain, we’re talking about a 12-hour delay in clearing snow from the streets. Rainfall ranges between 15 and 25 cm, and the delay is 16 hours. Finally, for more than 25 cm of rain, which is considered a critical condition, the snow removal time is 24 hours.

Another new feature is that citizens will now be able to access an interactive map to follow the progress of snow removal. The color code will make it easier to tell if your street has been plowed or not.,22170858931/tvagatineau&description_url=×480&vpa =click&gdfp _req =1&output=vast&unviewed_position_start=1&env=instream&max_ad_duration=30000&vpos=preroll&vpmute=0&impl=s&ad_rules=1&plcmt=1&correlator=__timestamp__

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