Texas: Stole an 18-wheeler to get it into the public safety building

Texas: Stole an 18-wheeler to get it into the public safety building

One person died and 13 others were injured Friday afternoon when a man stole an 18-wheeler and used it to drive into the Texas Department of Public Safety building in Brenham, about a hundred kilometers from Houston.

Clinard Parker, 42, allegedly acted in this way out of revenge. The previous day, the man had been denied a commercial driver's license at the scene of the tragedy, authorities said in a press conference.

But Burnham Mayor Atwood Kingora revealed the tragedy could have been more horrific because the suspect began to recoil at the idea of ​​rushing into the building again, before he was arrested.

“Our fire chief stated that had he veered slightly to the left the second time, the building would have completely collapsed, which would have resulted in more injuries and possibly deaths.”

Of the 13 injured, two were seriously injured, three were taken to the hospital but were later released, and eight were treated at the scene by paramedics, Texas Public Safety said.

The truck driver was arrested for the day and will face a slew of charges.

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