Summary and replay dated November 21, 2023

Summary and replay dated November 21, 2023

How do you watch “France has an incredible talent” in replay?
Episodes of the show are available to stream for free on 6play.

Shine brightly

In this episode, the jury was amazed again. This is especially the case with Jonathan Ferro, a professional firefighter who specializes in fireworks in his spare time. In front of the jury and the audience in the program “France has an incredible talent”, he broke the record for the number Jump jacks Performed using the full Human Torch. A high-risk number earns 4 yeses and qualifies for the rest of the competition.

On the show side, we were also pleased with the presence of Ukrainian bodybuilding duo “Just Two Men”. Their aerial gymnastics performance earned them unanimous approval. Katana virtuoso Titus Tsai gave the most moving performance of the evening. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the quarter-finals.

The November 21 episode also marks the return of Mega Unity, the finalists of Season 16. For once, the precision of their performance leaves no one indifferent. Marian James, completely seduced, does not hesitate for a second and presses the golden buzzer. See you in the semi-finals!

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Singers in the spotlight

In the face of experts like Hélène Segarra and Marian James, the singers who appear on the stage of “France has an incredible talent” have no room for error, and they know it. Tiani, a 17-year-old from Charente, takes a risk by performing a Rihanna song. After a short hesitation, the jury decided to give him a chance. The same fate also happened to Adrian Sosini, the Corsican artist who, despite his disability, captivated his audience. Finally, Ben Noir combines opera singing and nudity with alarming ease.

On the other hand, some were unable to win voters’ support. Kalisapore, a salsa band disguised as superheroes, performed a show that was considered highly inaccurate. Hugo, the grocer who made a video that went viral as far away as Portugal, fell short of four votes for his hit supermarket ad-style covers. Finally, Julian and Loic, professional loggers, left this experience empty-handed.

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