Study says eating eggs makes you slimmer

Study says eating eggs makes you slimmer

According to a recent study published in the journal Clinical Nutrition, people who consume egg Every morning he will be thinner than the rest of the population. Will the egg be the miracle food for maintaining a normal BMI? the answers.

Eat eggs to be thin?

The researchers in the study were interested in The role of protein intake in the relationship between egg consumption and body composition in young adults. For this, scientists compared the body composition of 355 students (ages 18-30). they BMI As well as measuring the circumference of the waist. The cohort was categorized into three different groups, Based on how often they ate eggs :

  • less than once a week;
  • one to four times a week;
  • Five times a week at least.

consequences ? The group that ate eggs at least five times a week had significantly lower BMI and body fat percentage than the other two groups. Thus, their average BMI was 22.5 versus just under 23.5 for those who consumed eggs one to four times per week or less than once. The waist-to-waist ratio was also lower than the other groups, 0.45 compared to about 5 for the other two groups in the group. “This finding is significant from a public health perspective, indicating that a Increase the consumption of eggs (greater than or equal to 5 per week) can lead to a healthier body, particularly due to a higher protein intake,” notes Dr. Miriam Garrido Miguel, study author.

Weight loss: the role of proteins

According to Dr. Myriam Garrido Miguel, the number one benefit of eggs is Protein content. Furthermore it, “Eating eggs for breakfast helps boost your metabolism and keeps you from eating cravings late in the morning. In fact, eggs (just like other animal proteins) increase digestion time and decrease how quickly carbohydrates are absorbed. However, be careful not to indulge in excess protein which, in addition to creating monotony in your diet, can in the medium term increase your cholesterol level It causes digestion problems. The author also specifies: “So, during lunch or dinner, you can enjoy hard-boiled or boiled eggs. For breakfast, it is better to eat it fried or scrambled with a little fat added. Good way to start your day while watching your weight gain.

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