soccer. Exploitation of the Portuguese in Selestat

soccer.  Exploitation of the Portuguese in Selestat

Alsace Cup

Portuguese as SELESTAT

Portuguese team Celestat signed a feat on Sunday in the Alsace Cup, beating Aachenheim without firing a shot (4-0), a team that remains unbeaten at the top of its group in D1.

At the end of the first half, the score was still goalless (0-0) although the locals had several scoring chances. They put the turbo on in the second period. With the introduction of a few key players and a slight tactical reorganization, they scored four goals. Niggemann, aptly named Atak and twice Karaman, was the top scorer on the day, pushing ASPS into the fifth round!

Regional 3

Eshaw – Sermersheim: 1 – 1. First half: 1 – 1. Referee: M. Lubacher. Goals: Jovanovic (42H sp) for ishaw; Glazed (11H ) for Sirmersheim.

From the start of the match, each team tries to go it alone, and as a result the pace is good. But above all, the locals rushed to the steadfast visitor’s defence. The visitors are not idle on the offensive side and after an initial warning on Schwarz’s goal, we have to wait for a lunge from Singler who finds Vitrant whose shot left no chance for the local goal. In the process, we take almost the same elements and start again and this time Singler forgets Virant alone in the axis facing the goal. Meanwhile, the locals rebelled and Kalil tested Stefan’s goal with a good shot. The locals have the spotlight and their danger through Celgun, as he is the one who provokes a penalty kick that Jovanovic converts.

In the second half, the guests took complete control of the match, and the locals no longer had any chance to activate it. But this control is futile, except for this shot from Trinidad that hit the local top corner. The recovery process was hijacked by Schwartz. In the final minutes, a controversial action deprived the visitors of the second goal that would have given them victory. From a corner kick from Vitrant, Gutelmann is pushed into the penalty area, and the ball reaches Fullenberger, who scores. To the surprise of the visitors, the goal was rejected, even a penalty kick for the previous foul.

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Zone 2

Ebersheim ESE – Epfig: 0 – 3. First half: 0-1. Referee: Mr Moyle. Goals: Turun (28H ) Coca (73H (Han) 87H ) for Epfig.

Still the local population was so diminished, they had to recognize the superiority of visitors from Hennard. After a quiet quarter of an hour of warm-up, the visitors tried to speed up the game, and the locals were in a fairly good position around their defence, but Alesi burst in and crossed the ball to Torun who opened the scoring. After that, the locals had one chance or another, most notably through Thalgot who unsuccessfully tried his luck in taking Alemli by default.

In the second half, the locals tried to quickly get back on track, but the visitors’ defense was impenetrable, although Coca tested local goalkeeper Frantz, as well as Alesi from a free kick that hit the crossbar. The same Coca will be able to find the error in a new attack on the right flank and create the break for the guests. The locals are not necessarily dangerous, but Lang believes his shot was blocked by the visiting goalkeeper. In the final minutes, Han, who was well launched by Satie, succeeded in making the difference and deciding the fate of the match. He leaves Ibvig with three important points ahead of the imminent clash against the Portuguese in Selestat on Sunday.

Zone 5

Gerstheim – Saint-Pierre-B./Triembach-au-V. Second: 1 – 2. First half: 0-1.

Shabab Al-Wadi achieved their third consecutive victory after leading 0-1 in the first half. This slight advantage could have been more significant had the visiting attackers been less chaotic on the final move. Only Kaspar managed to score.

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The second half is essentially identical to the start until the locals manage to equalize. After being shaken by this success, the Saint-Gilois team regained control of operations and was able to return to the lead a quarter of an hour before the end through Bouqtib, who scored the final score. Note that Mr. Kohler has a broken arm.

Youth: U18 – Ettenheim 0-3. The Veterans will host Molsheim this evening (8pm) in Triembach-au-V. In the Paco Matteo Challenge.

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