Skiers at Pra-Loup resort are victims of a gastroenteritis epidemic

Skiers at Pra-Loup resort are victims of a gastroenteritis epidemic

She is a guest we would prefer not to receive during the holidays. Gastroenteritis is increasingly prevalent in France. in provence, The Côte d'Azur and part of the Var region are particularly affected And therefore also in the Alps, where the population is mixed in the ski resorts.

In Pra-Loup, in the Alpes-de-Hautes region of Provence, vacationers say so Hotels are greatly affected by the pandemic. ” Out of 500 clients daily, we receive approximately 300 stomach cases “Confirms Mathieu Millet, director of the only pharmacy in the city.

A normal epidemic

Patrick Bouvet, mayor of the city of Youvernet-Four, where the station is located, He wants to be reassured. ” It is an epidemic as we have always seen “The elected official confirms. The same letter to Mathieu Millet who every year expects a greater impact in his pharmacy during the Christmas holidays.” We have people arriving from all four corners of France, so they are inevitably bringing viruses with them. “The pharmacist explains.

In ski resorts all conditions are met to allow the spread of viruses. ” Vacationers are housed in small apartments and mingling with each other more than usual. ” explains Mathieu Millet. He also explains that the pandemic did not happen It has nothing to do with tap water contaminationAs indicated by a rumor on social media. The pharmacist also noticed a clear improvement since the new year.

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Since the beginning of the year-end holidays, cases of gastroenteritis have been on the rise in the Baka area 200 cases per 100,000 populationMaking it one of the most affected regions in France.

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