Should we watch our environmental sci-fi series with Cécile de France, which premieres on Monday, June 5? We saw

Should we watch our environmental sci-fi series with Cécile de France, which premieres on Monday, June 5?  We saw

After romanticizing Brigitte Bardot’s life, France 2 made a drastic change to its box record on Monday night abysspresented in preview during the Series Mania 2023 festival. Broadcasting from June 5, this sci-fi thriller against the backdrop of an ecological disaster is one of the blockbusters on the public channel on the eve of the summer holidays …

The Abyss: What does the series with Cécile de France say?

initiated by a producer game of thrones Frank Dueligerthis international co-production (Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Japan are already co-producing it) based on the groundbreaking literary film Frank Schatzing It is a global thriller.

All over the world, marine animals suddenly attack people. Scientists from several countries – including Sigur Johansson and Cecil Roche, one Swede, the other French – realize that an unknown intelligence is undoubtedly coordinating these attacks and threatens all of humanity. They go on an expedition to confront her. The fate of the world’s population is in their hands. Topic conducive to broadcast on public service …

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Abyss: Should we watch the series with Cécile de France? We saw

“He who goes slowly goes healthy.” This may be the paradoxical aphorism of this series, of which one can immediately realize only the usefulness, significance, and purpose. Pollution and overexploitation of the planet, the urgent need to conserve its resources and its inhabitants (humans and animals), global warming causing cascading disturbances: all these topics, closely related to each other, are addressed in a clear and concrete way through abyss The observation made is as indisputable as it is universal. And if some subtle special effects leave something to be desired, and viewing the French version risks making some ears bleed, the series has nothing to visually envy some international productions and can be proud of being built on a flawless distribution (special mention of Cecil Francevery aware of getting involved in the environmental cause, w Leonie BenishPreviously seen on the crown And Around the world in 80 days).

But the series’ good intentions – which are very clearly defined – are also its worst enemies. By choosing not to systematically succumb to the spectacular in support of its plot, by eliciting didactically and systematically its message, which on the other hand is necessary and relevant, by blowing up plot twists and points of view to overstepping, preventing the creation of a solid emotional bond between characters and viewers, abyss He deprives himself of an effective element to spread his good word: entertainment. This brings boredom regularly to the surfaceabyss.

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