She swallowed her AirPod thinking it was her vitamins

She swallowed her AirPod thinking it was her vitamins

A woman from the state of Utah in the United States was subjected to a bad adventure, which she narrated in a video clip that spread on the TikTok application. The fifty-year-old swallowed one of her AirPods, which she mistook for containing vitamins.

While she was walking, the woman came across a friend and talked to him for a while. At one point, the woman wanted to take the vitamins, but seemed distracted, so she swallowed one of the headphones instead.

“I took a sip of water and thought: ‘They’re stuck.’ Then I drank more water and continued on my way after saying goodbye to my friend. “Then I looked for my headphones and realized the vitamins were in my hand… I had swallowed my AirPods!” she says.

She rushed back home to tell her husband about her adventure. Then the couple began to figure out what to do in such a situation.

After consulting with friends in the medical field, they agreed that ultimately the best thing to do was to do nothing.

“Almost all of them recommended that I let the earbud drain naturally and not worry because the battery is sealed,” the woman explains.

However, they point out that the situation could have been more serious had she swallowed the two headphones, because the effect of the magnets together could have been harmful to her intestines.

Although his AirPods were inside his body, they were detectable by his phone for about 24 hours. Eventually, the small device exited his body naturally and without consequences.

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