How to write Emojis on Windows 11 PC and Laptop in the two easiest ways

Windows 11 has a secret emoji picker Which can be used to write emojis in any application, including desktop programs like Google Chrome. It is accessed by pressing a combination of hotkeys. while, emojis It can be very helpful in expressing feelings and helping you get your point across when communicating with others. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how Type emoji on laptop and windows 11.

Meanwhile, we are used to typing or using emojis when it comes to using smartphones (Android and iOS) because there is a dedicated feature or option available on the smartphone keyboard. However, when it comes to Windows 11, there is a hidden emoji feature available under your fingertips and you have no idea.

Moreover, emojis have become an integral part of our online communications. Any pending connection either ends with an emoji or includes one in the text. Emojis have not only improved the way we communicate our feelings online, they have also eliminated the need for words. There are many things that can be conveyed in a few words.


What you will learn in this guide:

What is an emoji?

Emoji is a Japanese word used as a pictorial communication in emails on mobile phones and web pages to represent a form of an ideogram.

Meanwhile, the term emoji is a contraction derived from Kanji for “picture” And the “CharacterIt can be loosely translated as “pictorial”. a word “expressionsNot to be confused with emojis. While Emoticon refers to the printing of feelings or facial expressions, Emojis are real images that are used to express emotions, facial words, movements, objects, and animals, among other things. Click on over here To learn more about Emoji and Emoticon.

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How to type emoji on a Windows 11 laptop

Windows 10 emojis are varied, but only in terms of emojis and emoticons. That’s all we can say about him. Windows 11 expands this scope to include more. With newer icons, more categories, and better emoji, everything in the latest version of Windows is more comfortable, from the look and feel to the ease of choosing the right icons.

Without wasting time, here are the ways to type or get emojis in Windows 11:

Method 1: Type Emoji on Windows PC with Hotkey

The first and easiest way to type and use emojis on Windows 11 is to use a keyboard shortcut.

level 1. Open any text editor app.

The second step. Now press Windows key +. (full point) where “Windows key +; (semicolon) “ at the same time.

Step 3. This will open the emoji picker in the lower right corner.

Type emojis windows 11 11

Step 4. Just click a file emoji In the window that appears to enter it. The panel also remembers recently used emojis and displays them at the top of the list.

Type emoji windows 11 1

Type Emojis in Windows 11

Method 2: Get Emojis on your Windows 11 laptop via Touch Keyboard

Windows 11 touch keyboard also supports emojis, so you can type emojis if you are using the app keyboard on the touch screen. On other modern mobile devices, such as iPhones, Androids, and iPads, it works a lot like typing emojis using a keyboard. First, you will need to enable the touch keyboard option and then start using emojis, GIFs, Kaomoji, and more.

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level 1. Right click in the taskbar and select Taskbar settings.

Type emojis windows 11 2

Taskbar settings

The second step. Here, just activate Touch keyboard.

Type emojis windows 11 3

Touch keyboard

Step 3. Once the touch keyboard is activated, tap Touch keyboard Icon in the lower right corner.

Type emojis windows 11 4

Step 4. Now click emoji Next to the settings icon to open emojis.

Type emojis windows 11 5

Fifth step. Finally, go to the emoji tab and select any emoji you want.

How to write Emojis on Windows 11 PC and Laptop in the two easiest ways

Type Emojis in Windows 11

What’s new in Emoji Keyboard in Windows 11?
  • GIF: In addition to the standard emojis, emoticons, and emoticons accessible in Windows 10, GIFs have been added to the mix. Windows 11 Emoji Keyboard has a GIF component! Users can now search for GIFs the same way they search for emojis and emoticons. In addition, there are many GUI formats that are widely available.
How to write Emojis on Windows 11 PC and Laptop in the two easiest ways


  • Clipboard history: The “Clipboard History” button on the emoji keyboard for Windows 11 is a brand new feature. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime. This button saves all the information you’ve copied recently in both textual and official form. As a result, it will be easier to use these saved bits of information in the future.
How to write Emojis on Windows 11 PC and Laptop in the two easiest ways

Clipboard history

  • best feelings: Emoji keyboard for Windows 11 Emoji is bigger and more detailed than before. It’s a lot more colorful than Windows 10’s choices. Plus, the emoji menus are separated, eliminating clutter and allowing for easier identification and use.

How to write Emojis on Windows 11 PC and Laptop in the two easiest ways

So, these are the two best ways to write emojis and get them on your Windows 11 laptops or PC.

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