Science Night 2024 | City of Geneva

Science Night 2024 |  City of Geneva

Check out the Science Night 2024 programme

The Geneva Museum invites the public and scholars to participate in an open-air evening on the theme “Cycles”. Weekend for Discover, dialogue, understand, laugh and wonder About scientific progress and issues in the company of specialists.

At the Museum of the History of Science

A wide program of activities awaits you at the museum: Tours From the current exhibition “The Power of Things”, Conferences, scientific exhibitions and workshops. Follow the demonstration to understand How does a steam engine work?Discover the history of military cyclists in Switzerland and around the world or the technical foundations of the bicycle.

Science parking and games

Below the Museum of the History of Science A Twenty positions Countless offer Activities and games To deepen your knowledge and make Unique experiences. Understand how CERN engineers move hundreds of tons using air force, the identity of molecules, and how… Earth's cycles,algorithm computer sciencethere physicalthere Biochemistry Or the Robotics.

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