Saudi Arabia “categorically” refuses to withdraw from Gaza

Saudi Arabia “categorically” refuses to withdraw from Gaza

Saudi Arabia announced on Friday that it “categorically” rejects any displacement of Gaza residents, and condemned the bombing of “defenseless civilians,” its strongest criticism of Israel since the Hamas attack.

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The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that Riyadh “declares its categorical rejection of calls for the forced displacement of the Palestinian population from Gaza, and its condemnation of the continuous bombing of defenseless civilians” in this region.

Several thousand Palestinians fled Friday through the devastated streets of Gaza, hoping to find refuge further south, after the Israeli military ordered residents to evacuate the northern enclave as it prepared for a ground offensive in response to the bloody attack launched nearly 30 years ago. A week before Hamas.

The Saudi statement was issued upon the arrival of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to Riyadh as part of a tour that includes six Arab countries, after a visit to Israel.

The fastener is attached to the Hamas located in Gaza, and the other is located in Israel, which was posted in a bombardment in this territory, in the middle of April, ruining the efforts of the American administration of Joe Biden to encourage the rapprochement in Israel and others. ‘Saudi Arab.

Riyadh, which does not recognize the State of Israel, issued several statements this week in support of the Palestinians.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also called on the international community on Friday to “move quickly to stop any form of military escalation against civilians, prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and provide the necessary assistance to the residents of Gaza.”

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