The Country Frogs will be giving a show

Maxime Blanc, originally from Brazil, grew up in the Ganges, Morocco and Paris before returning to the La Garde with his adoptive family who moved according to the appointment of Reverend Jean-Luc Blanc in different parishes.

Relationships with his Brazilian family were never severed, he had the pleasure of spending several months with his biological mother and five brothers and sisters in Brazil and learning Portuguese.

After returning to Paris, he continued to improve his knowledge of Portuguese, conducted jazz and guitar training studies and began writing his first songs in Portuguese, which he sang in bars and restaurants in the capital.

In Nîmes, serendipity puts Dominic, Daniel and Stefan on his way, three music lovers who are seduced by CDs recorded by Maxime. This led to the creation of the group Les country frogs and the organization of its first concert.

Monday, August 15, at 8 pm, in the covered plaza they will meet the audience for a concert of country music and Brazilian music.

Musicians on drums, bass and guitar will be accompanied by Maxime who will sing in his family’s native language, a very touching moment for the young man who hopes to gain fame and the ability to live off his passion.

Free offer provided by the municipality.

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