Foot – Ange – Cristiano Ronaldo sends Tottenham out with three goals with Manchester United in the English Premier League

He scored a hat-trick against Tottenham, and Cristiano Ronaldo gave Manchester United the win (3-2). The Red Devils are fourth in the English Premier League. The Portuguese becomes the top scorer in history according to FIFA figures.

This is how the legends of common gamblers pop, and how pride answers whispers of regression. After three weeks of absence, after months of controversy over his impact on the volatility of Manchester United and vice versa, Cristiano Ronaldo brought back to Old Trafford a forgotten luster by being the main champion in a victory over Tottenham (3-2), and scored a goal. Hattrick is full of luxury and personality.

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The Portuguese, who celebrated his 37th birthday on February 5, especially celebrated his goals 805, 806 and 807, making him the top scorer in the history of the game according to FIFA statistics. From Saturday night, England began calling it CR807.

Spurs was so much fun (‘We didn’t deserve to lose’ As Antonio Conte will say), but they only hit one shot on goal and no one can resist Cristiano Ronaldo. Shot from 25 meters in the top corner (12), a close goal on display from Sancho (38), then when Tottenham managed to come back twice thanks to a penalty kick from Kane (35th position) and an own goal. Harry Maguire (72), the Portuguese rose above the simple players to give victory to MU with a header from a corner kick from Telles (82).

Under Tom Brady’s eyes
If Ralph Rangnick took him out at the end of the match, this time he was supposed to greet him from Old Trafford, and it lasted for seconds as Ronaldo walked from the runway to the dressing room in the tunnel, Imperial, greeting the crowd with a proud but semi-closed face as if he wanted to convey a message His wounded pride in the past few weeks.

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And under the eyes of Tom Brady, another time-defying champion with the seven Superbowls who recently retired at the age of 44, the man who scored 807 goals once again heard Old Trafford sing “FIFA Ronaldo” with passion. “He came back and scored three goals and everyone is happy”Paul Pogba fan, now with a shaven head. Ralf Rangnick, his coach, spoke about the genesis of the Portuguese comeback, who injured his thigh and missed the derby against City (1-4): “Since I arrived, this has been his best performance. He showed a lot of energy, was involved in the collective effort to defend. I wasn’t expecting him to score three goals, but I expected to score. He only resumed training on Thursday, but his session was so good that I immediately decided that he It will start.”

This phenomenal performance had two direct consequences: Manchester United returned to fourth placewhich is his absolute goal of the season, in order to snatch qualification for the Champions League, but MU also added a little electricity to the decor ahead of the return of the Round of 16 against Atlético Madrid (Go: 1-1), on Tuesday night.

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