San Nicola: A young boy rescued at the last minute in the St. Lawrence River

San Nicola: A young boy rescued at the last minute in the St. Lawrence River

A young boy was rescued at the last minute on Thursday after falling into the waters of the St. Lawrence River in the San Nicolas sector.

The teenager or young adult, whose age has not been determined, is believed to have autism spectrum disorder. In the early afternoon, he may have managed to escape the vigilance of his officials near the Rue des Pioneers, in Saint-Nicola. However, the authorities have not yet confirmed this information.

The rest of the story is still a bit mysterious. Witnesses then saw him at the bottom of the cliff, near the private access road to the chalet, where works are currently being carried out. Accidental fall, crisis or volunteer work, the exact cause remains to be determined.

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Emergency services have been alerted

“I have workers currently clearing my path. He was screaming in pain and kept running,” says Louise Anderson, from a family of famous ice boating enthusiasts.

According to his account, the young man, who appeared clearly disorganized, threw himself against a stone wall when the tide was not yet high.

QMI Photography Agency, Guy Martel

Once in the water, he tried to swim out to sea.

Witnesses quickly called 911. “Firefighters arrived very quickly. He was in his world. Mrs Anderson, who was eating her meal at the time, added: “It’s lucky the workers were outside, otherwise I would never have seen him fall.”

No drama

Firefighters eventually used the Anderson family’s boat to reach the boy in the water. To the victim, it appeared to be one to midnight.

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Fortunately, the rescue operation ended without loss of life. According to our information, one of the firefighters in the team on site is scheduled to retire within a few days. His group was relieved for him and the young man’s family that the procedure ended well.

He added: “We believe he would not have fallen but he was stuck in the river in difficulty. It was about time we arrived. “The team quickly did what needed to be done and it ended well,” said Regan Perros, chief of Levis Firefighters.

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