Is your boyfriend ignoring you while focusing on his smartphone? It could be a sign of mental illness

Do your friends ignore you while they focus on their smartphone? It could be a sign of a mental illness dictated by a real psychological addiction according to WebMD citing a study by researcher Juhyung Sun of the University of Oklahoma.

Addiction to notifications

According to study results published in Behavior & In information technology, people with greater social anxiety or depression are more likely to become addicted to their smartphones, the same researcher reported. This addiction can lead to a kind of “notification mania”: every time a notification arrives, and thus the smartphone makes a sound or vibration to alert the user, the dependent is more sensitive than the others and rushes to pick up the smartphone to check the message, even when interacting, on the For example, talking to another person.

Arrogance towards others

This behavior can lead to another related behavior: a kind of “arrogance” towards others, for example when they are talking. This is a phenomenon also called “phubbing” in English. It may not just be rudeness, but in some cases of pre-existing conditions, it can be a more complex mental health condition.

the study

The researchers conducted a study on different participants who were asked different questions. The results showed a strong relationship between friends ignoring a smartphone screen check and depression and social anxiety. The more depressed people were, the more likely they were to avoid interactions, while people who experienced more social anxiety were more likely to check their smartphones and generally find smartphone interactions more comfortable than face-to-face interactions. Face. The same researchers also found links between obsessive smartphone control and certain personality traits, including a tendency to focus on negative and neurotic emotions.

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