Rugby World Cup: Occitania on the front line

Rugby World Cup: Occitania on the front line

On the occasion of the Rugby World Cup, Occitani will host five matches at Toulouse Stadium. Teams from Japan, Samoa and Portugal will also be setting up base camps in three cities in the region. Guided tour of Occitania, the land of rugby!

From September 8th to October 28th, France will host X Rugby World Cup ! During these two months, twenty teams and 660 players will compete to the applause of spectators from all over the world. Occitania will be at the center of this great sporting event ! Five pool matches will be held at Toulouse Stadium (See the list below). A great opportunity to promote our region and benefit from significant economic benefits estimated at 63 million euros.

To prepare for the World Cup in the best conditions, and thanks to the region’s long-term commitment, Three national teams have chosen to base their base camp in Occitania. Thus, the Samoan team will remain in Montpellier, the Portuguese team in Perpignan, and the Japanese team in Toulouse. Thus, they will be able to take advantage of the many high-class facilities that exist in our region.

For many years we have fought to host these matches, these teams, for the sporting pleasure and great celebration that the World Cup is. It is a matter of taking advantage of this exceptional event to promote the common values ​​between Ovalia and Occitania!

Carol Delga, President of the Occitani Region.

Discover the 13 Occitani players selected for the France squad:

festive area

So that everyone can take part in the celebration, the district has set up a social ticket office.

So that everyone can take part in the celebration, the district has set up a social ticket office.

Since 2019, Occitani has mobilized to make this planetary event A party for everyone. The social ticket office was set up by the district: 3,000 tickets will be distributed free of charge For high school students, sports clubs and associations operating in priority areas of the city, etc. Clubs will also be able to attend training In the three base camps of Japan, Portugal and Samoa. Finally, as part of the process Campus 2023 », 300 trainees They were recruited to train for jobs in the sports field! They will be able to accompany clubs to accommodate the influx of licensees generated by the World Cup.

Kamal Shibli, Vice President in charge of Education, Youth and Sports, explains: “ In Occitania, like nowhere else, every Sunday whole families come to cheer on their local team. For all these fans, the World Cup is a unique encounter with history, and we want to share it as much as possible, especially with the younger ones. »

Good to know

liO transforms the test!

• Take advantage of Day pass at 10 euros To go by liO train to Toulouse stadium September 10 to watch the Japan-Chile match, or September 23 to watch the Georgia-Portugal match.

• with the Permit “rail tour”Supporters will be able to Criss Cross Occitania By liO Train for € 10 per day.

The focus of rugby is Occitania

Since 1892, Occitani clubs have won the Brinnous Shield 61 times!

Since 1892, Occitani clubs have won the Brinnous Shield 61 times!

With nearly 400 active clubs, the Occitanie is First regional league of France to rugby union. Thus our region has more than 70,000 licensees More than 25,000 young people learn each year at more than 300 rugby schools. In 2022, the region has allocated 2.6 million euros for the practice of the oval ball.

With four teams in the Top 14 (CasterAnd MontpellierAnd Perpignan And Toulouse), these are not less than 61 titles for French champions Won by teams from Occitani since 1892! This year again, Stade Tolosin won the title for the 22nd time in its history. Occitania too Three teams in Pro D2 (BeziersAnd Colomiere And Montauban) And Three teams in the women’s elite (BlagnacAnd Montpellier And Toulouse).


Rugby is in our DNA!

This World Cup is a great opportunity. I’ve had the opportunity to compete in three World Cups, and each time you feel the passion, the chemistry as the competition progresses. When we had the honor of wearing the shirt of the French national team, we have always been proud of this membership. I am the first supporter of the XV of France. Many international players have trained in Occitania, because here we are special to rugby, it is part of our DNA. Talented players are produced through amateur clubs and rugby schools.

Guilham Girado, ex-international, born in Siret (66), 74 selections for the France team, captain from 2016 to 2019. Clubs: USAP, RC Toulon, MHR. Member of the Management Committee of the French Rugby Union.

Enter the battle! Discover the five basic rules of rugby.

1. The goal of the game: to settle the ball behind the opposite goal line. We say we score a try (5 points). We can convert the try by sending the ball between the crossbars (2 extra points).

2. The players pass the ball to each other backwards uniquely. The position of the ball on court is embodied by A offside lineNo action is possible on the front.

Scrum is a creative physical and tactical struggle in the game of rugby.

Scrum is a creative physical and tactical struggle in the game of rugby.

3. The player running with the ball may suffer from a tackle (He is on the floor). He must then release the ball.

4. If the ball goes out of bounds, it is touch. The player throws the ball in the air and the attackers from both teams jump to catch it.

5. In case of a slight error, we will organize scrum. The ball is thrown in the center and as soon as the player has it under his foot, he kicks it back with his heel. Half collects them and passes them to the other players to attack.

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