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sAccording to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Statistics, the French public debt amounted to 2901.8 billion euros at the end of March 2022, an increase of 88.8 billion euros in one quarter and 164.7 billion euros in one year. The increase amounted to €649.5 billion in five years, which represents an average rate of increase of €2.5 billion per week, €356 million per day, €15 million per hour and €250,000 per minute or €4,200 per second. Since the end of 1980, when it reached 94.1 billion euros, the total French public debt has increased by 2,984%. It exceeded the cap of 500 billion euros in 1993, 1,000 billion in 2003, and 2,000 billion in 2014. It is now equivalent to 43,310 euros per capita, compared to 1,710 euros in 1980.

By keeping the benchmark of the public debt/GDP ratio of 114.5% at the end of March in France, it ranks fifth among the highest levels of indebtedness among the 27 EU countries, after Greece (193.3%), Italy (150.8%) and Portugal (127.4%) and Spain (118.4%). Conversely, Estonia (18.1%), Bulgaria (25.1%), Denmark, Sweden (36.7%), Lithuania (44.3%), Latvia (44.8%) and the Netherlands (52.1%) are among the least indebted countries in the world. European Union.

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Venezuela in the lead

According to the latest global data collected by the International Monetary Fund relating to the end of 2020, Venezuela had the highest level of public debt at that date (304% of GDP), ahead of Japan (254%) and Hong Kong (1%). The United States, on the other hand, has the largest amount of public debt. Last February, that limit exceeded $30 billion and alone accounts for about a third of the world’s total public debt.

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