More than 40 million people are at risk of overheating

relentless heat

This intense heat wave started last week and moved north over the long weekend. Sacramento recorded its highest temperature since data collection began on Tuesday. Mercury reached 46.7 °C, beating the previous record of 45.5 °C set on July 17, 1925.

Several other cities had their warmest days on record.

Width of a hair from the world record

Death Valley touched a world record on Tuesday with a mercury of 51.8 degrees Celsius. The world’s highest temperature was recorded for September 1950 in Mecca, California, where it reached 52.2 degrees Celsius.

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However, the intense heat is not only engulfing California. In Salt Lake City, Utah, temperatures were about 20 degrees Celsius above normal, reaching 40.5 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. September has been the hottest month in this area since 1874.


California Governor Gavin Newsom reminded citizens of the importance of saving power to prevent blackouts. An urgent appeal has been made to consumers and businesses to conserve energy to avoid power outages amid high temperatures. Record demand for electricity is also expected on Tuesday.

Increased fire risk

California is more vulnerable than ever to wildfires due to drought as well as rising mercury. A massive fire broke out in the Wade area of ​​Northern California on Friday, killing two people. Another fire that broke out in Hamid, Southern California, on Monday, killed two people. Authorities say they were found in the same area and died trying to escape from the flames.

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On Thursday, a respite from the heat is expected.

Good to know: The worst years for wildfires were 2020 and 2021, with the most acres burned in those two years.

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