Roberto Martinez forced to revise his plans?

Roberto Martinez forced to revise his plans?

While he will announce his next roster on September 1st, Roberto Martinez may have to lay off several important members of the Seleção, due to the club’s current situation.

The first call-up of the season is expected. After four consecutive successes in the start of the Euro 2024 qualifiers, 26 Portuguese will soon meet, facing Slovakia and Luxembourg, respectively.

List of 26 Portuguese coach players Roberto Martinez It will be revealed on September 1, one week before the first international deadline of the season. And if doubts remain regarding the existence of Ruben Neves And the’Ottaviowho recently left to join Saudi Arabia, there are also legitimate questions about the other Seleçao members, who have yet to start their season with their club.

Situations that are slow to resolve

This is particularly the case with the Portugal international Joao Felix. Currently on the departure of Atletico Madrid, who seems to have secured a basic place in the Seleção since the start of his term Roberto Martinez He hasn’t played any games yet at the start of the season. On August 14, the first day of La Liga, the Portuguese had to settle for a place on the bench, without having the possibility to participate in the game, to help his team.

Similar situation to the current one Joao Cancelo. Also very important in the system Roberto MartinezThe Manchester City player is no longer in the plans Pep Guardiola It seems that he is gradually approaching the transfers, while the name of FC Barcelona returns with insistence. If the situation stabilizes over the next few days, the Portuguese is still far from the competition, which could prompt the national coach to dispense with his services in the next two rounds of the Selecao.

Euro 2024 is on the horizon

Roberto Martinez So he will have an important choice to make. Although qualification for the 2024 European Championship is not yet guaranteed, the coach will inevitably have to rely on players in perfect physical condition to try to get close to this first goal.

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However, just four games after his arrival at the helm of the Seleçao, the Catalan coach appears to be still in the running, with a new tactical approach, based on a system very different from the one implemented by his predecessor. Fernando Santos. He will face Slovakia and Luxembourg in the next few days. Roberto Martinez He will therefore make sure to move forward with his game project and thus strengthen the automatic mechanisms among the members who, should they qualify, should represent Portugal in the next major competition.

then, Roberto Martinez Will he risk bringing in players who lack rhythm, or will he opt for lesser-known players, but more willing to meet the demands of the international arena? The answer is September 1.

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