Has our smartphone become obsolete with the abandonment of 3G technology?

Has our smartphone become obsolete with the abandonment of 3G technology?

Videotron of Quebec has announced that it will be phasing out 3G networks for its cellular services. 4G and 5G VoLTE will be the main technology. Not all phones are compatible with VoLTE technology. What does this change mean for customers?

In the world of mobile phones, technologies are advancing by leaps and bounds.

For telecommunications customers, changes to the network are less visible than new developments in cellular hardware.

For users, it can sometimes be difficult to understand the nuances and reasons for removing certain types of networks.

Like most carriers, Videotron recently announced that it will be withdrawing 3G from its transmission networks.

What does this change mean for customers?

What does the withdrawal of 3G mean?

3G cellular network technology will be gradually withdrawn from the Videotron service because it is obsolete.

This change affects customers who have mobile phones with earlier generation SIM cards.

and mobile devices that are not compatible with VoLTE technology.

There will be a special impact for customers who travel and work in the United States.

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE. French translation: Voice over LTE. This technology provides better tower coverage and better voice quality during calls.

It is a technology for transmitting voice messages and SMS text messages on 4G LTE and 4G + networks.

You must specify that the LTE network is only available in the United States.

This is why it will make a huge difference for those who want to travel or work with our American neighbors.

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Steps to be taken for customers

For Videotron customers with a cell phone model that is not compatible with the VoLTE network, you can renew your agreement for a new cell phone with your service provider.

Or it is possible to buy a used cell phone to avoid a fine.

It all depends on how many months are left in the deal.

For Videotron customers who have questions or doubts about the compatibility of their devices, it is possible to contact customer service directly.

Otherwise, go straight to the branch to speak with a rep.

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