Researchers have finally identified the bacteria that cause endometriosis

Researchers have finally identified the bacteria that cause endometriosis

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Scientific advances give hope to the millions of women suffering from endometriosis. According to a recent Japanese study published in the journal Translational Medicine Sciences On June 14, 2023, researchers discovered important information On the origins of ovarian endometriosisThis chronic gynecological disease that affects one in ten women and for which there is currently no cure.

This chronic disease is associated with sharp, irritating pain during menstruation, during sexual intercourse and when defecation and / or urination, pelvic pain Chronic pain, bloating, nausea, fatigue, and sometimes depression, anxiety, and infertility.” As shown World Health Organization (WHO).

Bacterial infection causing endometriosis?

By conducting a study of 155 women, scientists discovered that there was a range of fusiform bacteria in the uterus would contribute to the development Endometrial. This bacterial infection is detected in 64% of people were affected.

In order to confirm that these bacteria could be related to endometriosis, the scientists conducted tests on mice by transplanting the lining of the uterus contaminated with these bacteria. The result: Within a few weeks, the ferrets began to have lesions typical of endometriosis. More specifically, the researchers explain that a very specific protein called Transylene (TAGLN) It plays a well-defined role in endometriosis. Experts explain thatTransforming growth factor beta (TGF-β) appears to cause TAGLN upregulation. and respond to it Fusobacterium infection, which creates the inflammatory response. “In this study, we showed that the endometriosis-TAGLN-Fusobacterium axis is often dysregulated in endometriosis.” Professor Yutaka Kondo explains.

The researchers found that, too Giving vaginal antibiotic treatment, such as metronidazole and chloramphenicol, which was also tested on mice, reduced the number and size of lesions caused by this bacterium. After 21 days of treatment, the presence of TAGLN and TGF-beta had disappeared. A clinical trial in women with endometriosis has just been done to see if antibiotics can relieve some of their symptoms, Kondo says. He follows…

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