Raqs Bina – Movie 2022

Raqs Bina – Movie 2022

April 12, 2023


1 hour 52 minutes

Florian Heinzen Zube

Florian Heinzen Zube

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Iphigenia in Tauride / Rite of Spring.
At the Semperoper in Germany and at the Sables School near Dakar, young dancers, under the guidance of former members of the Pina Bausch Theater, recreated his legendary choreography. For these artists, from contemporary dance, hip-hop or classical ballet, penna dancing means questioning one’s own limitations and desires and transforming the work while allowing itself to be changed by it.


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Bina Dance VO Trailer

Bina Dance VO Trailer


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Bart Sampson

Bart Sampson

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Posted April 12, 2023

Ah, I had such a good time, I didn’t get a chance to see Pina’s show! Contemporary dance is Merce Cunningham, Carolyn Carlson, Angelin Preljocaj and of course, Bina!!! In this documentary filmed in 2019 and 2020, we follow the editing of two works (“Iphigénie en Tauride” https://www.allocine.fr/ “Le Sacre du Printemps”) by two companies diametrically opposed in representation and identity. . At the Semperoper in Germany and at the school …

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Anatole Talent

Anatole Talent

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Posted April 12, 2023

A great movie, especially in the way it depicts dance. Even more surprising is that neither the director nor the director of photography had worked on this subject before. Sometimes close to the subject, sometimes far away, the camera really manages to capture something we don’t feel during the ballet. There is no question of making a value judgment here: it is neither better nor less…

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Elizabeth Adjad

Elizabeth Adjad

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Posted April 12, 2023

A very beautiful film about dance, about moving dances, about the work of dancers. A film without excess is closer to the dancers and full of humanity



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Posted April 18, 2023

Wonderful movie. Pina’s work deserves to be carried and I hope I get the chance to one day see these two amazing companies on stage! has

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