Few of the resourceful people and the sciences available to all children

Few of the resourceful people and the sciences available to all children

Association “Little crooks“It targets young people who are still in school. Over the 30 years of its existence, the association has worked with 10 million students. The association aims to combat social inequalities by organizing scientific workshops Mainly targeting children from risky backgrounds. During the fun workshops, the facilitators address topics related to the environment, health, digital technology, and even humanity. By approaching key topics through the prism of science, minds awaken. 3000 painters and volunteers These courses are activated throughout France during school holidays or during interventions at school or in associations. To organize a discovery workshop with a few resourceful people, simply contact the local committee near you, via website.

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With the help of the INA documentary: Véronique Jolivet – Hervé Evanno. Episode produced with excerpts from the newspaper 19/20 – Pays de la Loire edition aired on 08/14/2012 on France 3, excerpts from 12/13 – Poitou Charentes editions aired on 12/07/2016 on France 3 and excerpts from 12/13 – The Cote d’Azur version was broadcast on 8/8/2012 on France 3.

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