Portuguese galleys land on the beach of Sable d’Olonne

Portuguese galleys land on the beach of Sable d’Olonne

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It is not good to swim when… Physalia Sea or even beach litter.

These funny creatures look like jellyfish. They were spotted on the Grande Plage in Les Sables-d’Olonne this morning, Sunday 24 September.

Despite this, there were some brave souls in the water, mostly long-shore enthusiasts or surfers, and even athletes who came to participate in the World Rowing and Paddleboarding Championships.

Not even afraid of Portuguese galleys As they are also called.

Be careful, it is dangerous

They are therefore not jellyfish, but contact with them can cause serious burns, and symptoms range from difficulty breathing to loss of consciousness, including convulsions or vomiting.

So It is necessary to resist the urge to touch themAnd also keep pets away.

Organizers of the World Rowing and Rowing Championships were warned of the presence of these animals. © Journal des Sables

Indeed, these marine animals are equipped with microscopic threads that can reach several meters in length. For humans and dogs, these threads remain dangerous after the body dies.

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