The 42 best all-inclusive hotels in Cuba

The 42 best all-inclusive hotels in Cuba

For an affordable week, enjoying turquoise waves and gorgeous white sand beaches, Cuba is often a favorite destination for Quebecers. Here we offer you a selection by region of the most interesting all-inclusive hotels on the island. Get your bags out of the closet!

Just a few hours from Havana, Varadero is one of the well-known Cuban destinations. Beautiful sandy beach and sea of ​​50 shades of blue… This is definitely a place to consider for a hassle-free holiday. the problem? Choose from 250 hotels! See our suggestions for all-inclusive hotels in Varadero.

The islets (or cayos) of Cuba are located off the northern coast of the island. It is isolated and sparsely populated and includes popular resort islands, including Cayo Coco, but also Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Paredon Grande and Cayo Cruz. The beauty of their beaches is legendary. See our suggestions for all-inclusive hotels in Cayo Coco.

In eastern Cuba, Holguin is a popular destination for its stunning coastline. With five beautiful white sand beaches, numerous palm trees and stunning turquoise waters, the destination provides the perfect place to take a break with family or adults. See our suggestions for all-inclusive hotels in Holguin.

Want to get off the beaten track? The Cuban capital is a world in itself! It's easy to book an almost all-inclusive trip from Quebec – including flights, transfers, overnight and breakfasts. A perfect formula for this city with its many authentic bars and restaurants. See our suggestions for all-inclusive hotels in Havana.

Cuba is a very popular destination, but some tourists are sometimes disappointed that the quality standards are not quite as high as on other Caribbean islands. If this is your case, know that the hotels on this list are among the most luxurious on the island. Check out our selection of upscale hotels in Cuba.

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* Important *

Cuba faces difficulties with food supplies, and this is reflected in the food available in all-inclusive hotels. The problems have been there for several years, but the pandemic and tightening US sanctions have only exacerbated the situation.

The selections available vary greatly from one week, or even from one day to the next, depending on what travelers say. So you should adjust your expectations.

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