Tottenham elusive, the race for the top four has been revived

Tottenham elusive, the race for the top four has been revived

64′ first substitution for Arteta

Smith Roe replaces Martinelli in the last half hour of play.

63 ‘Big miss for a son

Turned to the left, Sessegnon always crosses towards Sonne in front of goal. The South Korean striker loses his recovery and gets much higher injury.

62′ Kane is insatiable!

A powerful shot from Kane at 25 yards! Ramsdale is not fooled by the ball’s floating path and spreads from a new stop.

61′ public rooms

Spurs fans cheer for every successful pass their players make into the opponent’s half.

60′ points on stats

55% possession Spurs, who has 9 shots for 6. 3 shots on goal from each side.

59′ Ramsdale stops!

Kane hits a cross from the right. Emerson is in a perfect position but sees his header blocked by the Arsenal goalkeeper who shines at the end. Arsenal is in great pain.

57 ‘Joke without a solution

The England striker does not have a partner in good standing and is trying his luck on the right side with a tight angle. Loris picks up without difficulty.

55 ‘Guns try again

Arsenal again presents itself in the opposing camp despite the numerical inferiority and the highly unfavorable result. Spurs are solid and take advantage of the counter-attack.

53 ‘Arsenal’s bad habit

Arteta’s men have seen 13 different players sent off this season, at least 5 more than any other team in the Premier League.

51′ Arsenal replied!

Davis saves his team in two stages right in front of his goal, with a shot from Saka ending with a counter flash. Loris reassures his defense in the next corner.

50′ Shaka does a good job

The Swiss midfielder managed to recover the error in front of Kolosiewski, who is in the entire surface. Spurs are not satisfied in front of a raving crowd.

48 ‘Ken is still moving

If the foul is made, the double scorer can still wreak havoc in the opponent’s area and Gabriel. Arsenal is no longer there at all.

47′ BUUUUUUUUT sound!

3-0 to Tottenham! A minute of play in the second quarter and this is already a new goal for Tottenham. After a great job by Kane with his back to goal, the ball is back to Son who shoots Ramsdale.

46′ The start of the second half!

Here we are again in London, Tottenham have a street to win in this derby!

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45′ + 2 Half Time!

Tottenham made two goals in the second half against Arsenal reduced to ten! Despite the good start, Arsenal canceled a questionable penalty around Kane, the owner of a double from a corner kick. In the meantime, the holding was excluded. Tottenham are currently returning the length of their evening opponent.

45 minutes 2 minutes added time

Arsenal managed to get out and back again for a few minutes.

45′ Odegaard squanders a great opportunity

The Norwegian international axis is still found completely retracted near the surface. His blow was completely crushed and Loris picked it up.

43′ Loris is flying away!

Arsenal finally responds. On the left of the deck, a bitmap tries to roll from the upper window opposite the right. Lloris makes a great flick to go around a corner. Do not do anything.

42 ‘Emerson is wrong

Arsenal’s defense is in trouble. On a cross from the left, the ball reached Emerson, alone at the far post. The piston selects the left foot and sends its recovery directly to the mounts.

40′ Odegaard down

The Arsenal midfielder remains on the ground after involuntary contact with a face in the midfield. He makes no mistake.

39 ‘Tottenham is approaching

Tottenham are temporarily one point away from Arsenal for fourth place, with only two games per team remaining at the end of this derby.

37′ Double by Kane!!!

Tottenham widens the gap! At the right corner, Bentancourt takes the ball home from the penalty spot and runs to the far post, where Kane throws himself to finish with a diving header.

35 ‘Session tangled mattress

Kane takes his free kick to Sessegnon to the left of the penalty area. Whoever misses the ball in his cross attempt with one touch.

33′ Takeover is disqualified!

Second yellow card for possession! Already warned, Holden elbows forward on Sonne, who has deepened and is still on the ground. Arsenal will continue to ten!

32 ‘Elneny loses a dangerous ball

Kulusevski and Son failed to capitalize on this fatal mistake. Spurs were pressing hard for a few minutes.

30 ‘Great tackle for Cedric

The Portuguese defender tackles a dangerous corner kick against Kane, who has a sharp new appeal in the area.

28 ‘Kane takes care of his stats

The Tottenham striker, the top scorer in north London derby history (13 goals), became the second player to cross the crossbar with 40 goals in the London derby after Thierry Henry (43 goals).

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27 ‘Emerson misses goal

After a great job from Kane in the pivot, the ball goes back to Emerson on the right side. His powerful hit goes to the top.

27 ‘Yellow card for possession

New Holdings on Jr. Arsenal defender does not escape the warning this time.

25 ‘Big horror of Loris

On a Martinelli cross from the left, Lloris misunderstood the ball’s trajectory and fired it into the far corner. Odegaard is recovering but cannot continue, and the French goalkeeper is catching up well.

24 ‘Arsenal are not rewarded’

Despite a better start to the match and a somewhat minor error in their area, Arsenal have been penalized and they will have to rise to verify their qualification for the next Champions League this evening.


Kane converts the penalty kick 1-0 to Tottenham! England striker took Ramsdale on the wrong foot and found the small right net.

21 ‘Penalty for Tottenham!

Cedric punished for a mistake behind the back of Son!

19 ‘Gabriel is still there

The former Lille defender enters his area with a header to remove a dangerous cross from Sessegnon. Spaces are open to both teams.

18′ Odegaard fails

The Norwegian midfielder takes a free kick to the right. He finds nothing but an opposing vertical on the pillar near his cross.

17 ‘Yellow card for Davies

On the right, Saka steals the ball after Davis drags his leg and cuts the opportunity. Good free kick for Arsenal.

16 ‘Davis saves his defense

Martinelli overflows to the left and centers behind him on the ground. Davis comes right before Odegaard, perfectly positioned in the box.

14 ‘Not yet paid to Tottenham

Conte’s men find the ball but haven’t managed to shoot it yet. Arsenal total 2 shots, including 1 on goal.

12′ Son-Holding, Chapter Two

The two men found themselves back on the ground and warmed up. The referee calms things down quickly. This derby is off to a good start!

11 ‘Bad clinging gesture

His remains on the ground after a mistake from the holding, who kneed in his back.

10 ‘The derby is off

Spurs point to the tip of his nose, particularly by Son, in an encounter that opens more and more.

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9 ‘Saka loses his support

Saka served in a perfect position, seizing his chance from afar but slipping when shot. The opponent’s defense is recovering.

8′ Gabriel ahead of Ramsdale

After a Kulusevsky cross from the right flanked, Ramsdale did not speak to his defender, and was forced to turn him away while the goalkeeper was on his way.

7 ‘Arsenal is too high

The Gunners press high and hit their opponents when they lose the ball. Spurs are struggling to come out clean.

5 ‘Things are heating up between Gabriel and Kolosiewski

The Spurs striker made a mistake in facing him after being beaten in the race for the meter. The two men quarrel but quickly calmed down.

4 ‘Loris is awake

After a major recovery, Odegaard takes his chance from the left at 20 metres. His rebound does not surprise Loris, who is lying down well.

3 ‘Arsenal get their feet on the ball

Tottenham ends up recovering the ball after long seconds of possession.

1 ‘Martinelli’s first acceleration

His cross from the left side only finds an opposing header in the penalty area.

1′ between Tottenham and Arsenal!

The Gunners start this 191 derby in history!

Arsenal composition

Ramsdale – Cedric, Holding, Gabriel, Tomiasso – Eleni, Zacka – Saka, Odegaard, Martinelli – Nketia

alternatives: Lino, Tavares, Swanson, White, Lokonga, Patino, Smith Roe, Pepe, Lacazette

Tottenham squad

Lloris – Sanchez, Dier, Davies – Emerson, Bentancur, Hojberg, Sessegnon – Kulusevski, Son – Kane

alternatives: Gollini, Rondon, Winks, White, Craig, Devine, Bergwijn, Lucas, Scarlett

What do the fans think?

RMC Sport went to meet Spurs fans and the Gunners to gather their emotions ahead of this derby that promises to be electric.

Busy season for both teams

Whether at Tottenham or Arsenal, the season has not been easy, far from it. However, it is already a ticket to the Champions League that foe London football is battling tonight.

>> How did the two teams get to this boiling derby

Big derby

Welcome to RMC Sport to follow the North London derby live between Tottenham (5) and Arsenal (4), two teams separated by 4 points in the standings. Three matches left in the tournament, Arsenal can officially qualify for the next Champions League if they win at Tottenham Hotspur.

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