Portugal: A plane was forced to land 500 kilometers away after its landing failed: News

Portugal: A plane was forced to land 500 kilometers away after its landing failed: News

A Scandinavian Airlines plane failed to land at Madeira Airport on Saturday, January 6, forcing the pilot to turn around. The plane was finally forced to land shortly in Las Palmas (Canary Islands) after unusual smoke appeared.

It's a landing they won't soon forget. Scandinavian Airlines flight SK2901, with 90 passengers on board and connecting Stockholm with the island of Madeira, reportedly failed to land at Funchal's Cristiano Ronaldo Airport on Saturday, January 6. Free midday.

In stunning images, we can see the plane, an Airbus A320neo, painfully lining up facing the runway to land in stormy conditions, before bouncing off it again. Landing in less than ideal conditions forced the pilot to turn around, while flames were rising from the plane's left engine.

Landing 500 km away

If the pilot had initially been instructed to remain in the air for twenty minutes before attempting the approach again, the aircraft would eventually have been forced to reach Gran Canaria Airport in Las Palmas (Canary Islands). The crew noticed that unusual smoke was coming from the plane, the Aviation Herald reported. The Spanish airport 500 kilometers away was better equipped in case of problems.

Upon arriving at the tarmac in Las Palmas, passengers were able to disembark safely before being transported to their original destination at Madeira Airport, which is known for its difficult approach due to stormy conditions.

This air accident comes despite the fact that the day before, Friday, January 5, an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX lost a piece of its fuselage mid-flight.

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