Florida revokes the special status of Disney, which is too progressive

Florida revokes the special status of Disney, which is too progressive

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday signed a law that revokes the special status Disney enjoys in his state, the latest in his attack against the so-called wake-up culture.

“Today, the lucrative business of the Enchanted Kingdom is finally done,” the governor, who accuses the entertainment giant of indoctrinating children about LGBT issues, said during a news conference.

Since the 1960s and the creation of Disney World theme park, Disney has benefited from a special status that gives it wide autonomy and exempts it from most state regulations.

But relations between the Enchanted Kingdom and Mr. DeSantis soured when Bob Chapek, the former CEO of Disney, spoke out against a law promoted by the governor restricting teaching in elementary school subjects related to sexual orientation.

“Disney spoke out against something that was only intended to protect young children,” Ron DeSantis denounced Monday, accusing the company of trying to impose an “ideology.”

This theme park near Orlando is among the most visited in the world and remains a favorite Disney brand among Americans.

A rising star of the hard right flirting very publicly with a run for the White House, Ron DeSantis willingly pretends to be a Wookiee destroyer.

Clearly accusing a group of “elites” of imposing their progressive ideology on a society that rejects it, the forty-year-old vowed to build a fort there in his state.


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