Figo returns home after giving himself a second chance with Helen Svedin

The British model stars in the latest Vogue cover with her daughter, announcing that she will tell us more details about her pregnancy in a book.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell surprised her millions of followers on her social media a few months ago by announcing the birth of her first daughter, despite the fact that no previous news related to pregnancy or motherhood was known before.

In the past few hours, the British model gave one of her first interviews after such an important stage of her life, becoming the heroine of the latest cover of the prestigious “Vogue” magazine.

A model refuses to reveal the name of her daughter

In it she answers some of the major unknowns that her motherhood has generated, namely that her millions of followers have many doubts about the progress of her pregnancy.

As for being a mother, she confirms it “I always knew that one day I would have a daughter”explaining in light of the many rumors that have appeared since then, that“She’s not adopted, she’s my daughter.”

On the cover of this latest issue, we see the London supermodel posing with her young daughter, whose face we can see. The latter is what they know best, and it seems will be known, to their first and only daughter, that Naomi Campbell has made it clear that she will not reveal her name.

Of course, she admits that she feels “I am honored to have such a good spirit in my life. There are no words to describe the lifelong bond I share with you now. There is no greater love.”

About her motherhood, she says that she is 51 years old, “I relive nursery rhymes, play, and discover how many new and wonderful games there are in the world. Things I could not even dream of.”

Despite the fact that in this interview she did not want to give more details or remove some unknowns that her pregnancy gave birth to, the London supermodel announced that she will write a book in which she will talk about this process.

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