Petition: Mayor of Saint-Hippolyte in the fight against medical desertification

After closing the village medical office and reprimanding some residents, the mayor moves to try and alert the relevant elected officials and administrative bodies of the country. A petition has been launched.

In fact, after retirement or sick leave for four doctors in Thessaloniki, nearly 3,000 patients found themselves without local care!

Of these, more than a hundred are elderly people who do not receive medical follow-up at home.

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The doctors remaining in the area, suffering from overwork, cannot receive new patients and the new residents do not have a treating physician.

Madeleine Garcia Vidal, mayor of San Hippolyte, decided to take the bull by the horns.

A petition was launched to inform the persons concerned and to mobilize the population for this purpose.

To be heard by the authorities

In order to act effectively, residents are encouraged to reposition as soon as possible by completing the voucher attached to the petition and depositing it at Town Hall to collect Hippolytains applications.

Thus, Madeleine Garcia Vidal wishes to rally the population and be heard by the authorities in order to remedy the shortage.


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