Operation “May Kaz, pa la Kaz Mustique”

Operation “May Kaz, pa la Kaz Mustique”

The Regional Health Agency (ARS) launches the “Mon kaz, pa la kaz mustik” operation on Monday, December 11, 2023. This new communication campaign aims “to encourage the population to apply preventive measures, already known to everyone, to combat mosquitoes, by emptying or protecting Everything that may contain water around their homes. Ars points out in the press release we publish below (Image: b/www.imazpress.com)

The Aedes albopictus mosquito transmits diseases (dengue, coccitonia, etc.). Some forms of these diseases can be very serious, resulting in hospitalization or even death.

With the advent of southern summer, climatic conditions (rain and heat) become conducive to mosquito growth and raise concerns about an increase in vector-borne diseases.
In 2023, the spread of the virus was low and generally only affected the south of the island.

This year observed the return of serotype 2 (after two years of exclusive presence of serotype 1).
ARS vector control teams carry out awareness-raising activities among the population, in cooperation with municipal partners and associations, to combat the spread of viruses.

However, mosquito control is everyone’s job, and the most effective means of prevention is to mobilize as many people as possible to eliminate larval breeding sites on a daily basis.

– “My Kaz, Pa La Kaz Mustique” campaign –

This new prevention campaign, launched on December 11, 2023, aims to remind residents of the simple measures to take to prevent mosquitoes from settling in their garden, yard, balconies, etc.:
– Empty containers containing standing water (cups, buckets, water-retaining plants, used tires, bulky items, etc.)
– Gutter maintenance
– Dispose of green waste while respecting collection days
– Monitoring and covering water reserves (tanks, rainwater harvesters, etc.)
– Covering and draining unused swimming pools

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