Our review of Amma Gloria: The Saudi Girl

Our review of Amma Gloria: The Saudi Girl

The real star of the movie is Cleo. This lovable little girl would have been worthy of the title of Caesar if it weren’t for all this being so normal. distribution pyramid

Mary Amachokele’s second film depicts the relationship between a young girl and her governess. heart touching.

How do you say “tortoise” in Portuguese? Tartaruga. If you want to put the Cape Verdean accent right, the pronunciation gets tricky. Cleo (Louise Moroi Panzani) tries it, her baby smile surrounded by soap suds. She looks at her nanny, who rolls her letter and takes her in her arms. Joyful, vulgar, childish laughter. Gloria (Elsa Moreno-Zigo) and they have something of a fusion. One because she lost her mother. The other is because his young children live 4,000 kilometers away. Director Marie Amachokili, Camera d’Or 2014 at Cannes with Claire Berger and Samuel Theiss for The Disturbinger party girl He enters his subject as one puts one’s feet in a hot bath: very gently. We see Gloria taking the 6-year-old girl to school, preparing her a snack, and telling her stories in her African dialect of the island. When the father (musician Arnaud Rebottini) enters the room, he almost catches a cold. The poor man, who cannot fight, is the one who…

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